Friday, November 30, 2012

Dusting Off the Abandoned Blog

November the 30th and the writing madness that is NaNoWriMo is coming to an end. Around the world writers are finishing up their novels and emerging from their literary worlds to see if that mythical thing called 'real life' still exists.

Me, I'm finished, and suddenly I remember how much I've neglected this poor blog over the past few weeks. While I've been typing madly, this abandoned blog has been sitting here gathering dust and waiting for me to get my head out of the clouds and back into the real world where it belongs.

So, it's time for me to dust off my blog, and remember my patient blog followers, whom I abandoned without a word of warning, and remember how it was that I used to post regularly. And how to write blog posts instead of novels...

Well, at least with Christmas coming up, and so many things happening around then, I'm sure to have plenty to write about. But for now, I am back, and I'm ready to blog once more.

Monday, November 5, 2012

Why NaNoWriMo is Making Me More Productive

It's that crazy time of year again, where hundreds of thousands of writers sit down to write 50k words of a novel in a month. Some write more, some write less, but everyone's sitting down to write. Or not write as the case may be.

For me, NaNo goes a bit like this.

I sit down at my desk and pull open my lap top. Hang on, I can't write when my desk is such a mess. So I close the lid of the lap top again and tidy the desk. There, now I can write.

But what about the stuff on the floor? Now that my desk is all nice and tidy, shouldn't I make sure that the rest of the room looks just as nice? It'll only take a few minutes and think how much better I'll be able to write with a nice clean room. So I scurry round and clean up.

Mmm, what's that smell wafting out of the kitchen? I follow my nose out to find one of my sisters baking. "You can help if you like," she said. Soon we're concocting muffins and brewing coffee. There's plenty of time to write later.

Goodness, is that the time? I've spent so long eating muffins and drinking coffee that it's time to make dinner. Oh well, writing will have to wait until after dinner now. This really has been a busy afternoon!

Now, what shall I get done today? Maybe I'll redesign my blog. Or I might teach the cat how to play the piano. Maybe I'll actually get some writing done. Who knows...