Thursday, April 4, 2013

Dragons, Deadly and Delightful

Of the things I like most about writing and reading fantasy is the fact that there are dragons. Big, powerful dragons, and small, cute dragons. Wise, or childish. With a sense of humour or without. Dragons are amazing creatures.

One green dragons breathing green fire, drawn by my talented sister

If I had any sort of artistic talent besides drawing doodles, I think that I would use it to draw dragons. Big, beautiful dragons, with scaly bodies. They’d be colourful and fierce. They’d be perfect. Only, I don’t have enough drawing talent to draw them. So I’ll have to stick to reading about them and imagining them.

One red dragon breathing red fire. Again, drawn by my talented sister and not me.

And looking at the pictures that my talented sister draws of dragons. Even though my photos aren’t that good (I don’t seem to have any photography skills either), you can see that these definitely are dragons. Dragons, just how I imagine them. Don’t they look just like they’ve stepped out of a book, fire and all?

Dragons, big, brave and strong. Out of all the fantasy creatures, they are my favourites. What are yours?


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    1. I'm glad I could use Charlotte's drawings for this post. They're way better than mine.


  2. Popping by from the A to Z Blogging Challenge x

    1. Nice to meet you and thanks for dropping by. Good luck with the challenge!

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    1. Dragons are such amazing creatures, aren't they?

  4. Great minds definitely think alike. Dragons rule!

    1. I couldn't believe it when i finished my post and saw you'd written about the exact same thing. You can tell we both like fantasy, can't you?

  5. Hello Jane!
    I have to agree with you. Dragons are the greates creatures around...(I am not sure how I plan on writing something without them.... but apparently I do)
    How are all the things working out to be done at the same time?

    (Probably should not write this.... it is 6am.... and I have not really slept. but I can't sleep so I am here...)

    1. They're all working out pretty well at the moment thanks Autschi. It's hard work, but it's great at the same time.

      are you sure you can't slip a dragon or two in there somewhere? I want to add some to my story now, but they just won't fit!

    2. I am glad that it is going well! Even if it is hard work.... hard work is sometimes really good.

      I think I will slip in a dragon... even if I will have to cut it out later.... but I have monsters in there.... so there might be dragon. simply because dragon are great

    3. This sort of hard work is definitely worth it. I don't think that I'll be giving up any time soon. Sometimes, as you say, hard work is really good.

      A dragon could be a monster. There has to be a way to slip a dragon in there for at least the first draft. Dragons really are great that way. You must be a big fantasy fan too.

    4. I love fantasy (and you can bet there will be a dragon as a monster even though I might not be able to call it a dragon. but it will look and behave like a dragon I think...)

      Also I loooooove fantasy! I only ever managed to write one nano novel which was not fantasy and even that had a tale in it which was a fantasy story... basically.

      I am glad it is fun and you plan on doing all the things and continue to do them!
      (What is your word count if you don't mind me asking?)

    5. That's a very clever way of working a dragon into your story. Maybe I can sneak a metal dragon into mine in the same sort of way. You've got me thinking now...

      I love fantasy too! In fact, most of the ideas I come up with and write are fantasy. I can count on the fingers of one hand the novels I've written that aren't fantasy, and I've written many, many fantasy ones.

      My word count has reached 61k today. What's your word count up to? I'm sure it's amazingly high.

    6. Not quite as amazingly high as yours (which is really great by the way!) but pretty hight too.
      I am currently at 32,5k and I want to reach at least 35k within the next 48 hours (till sunday evening)
      I think I can do that and I want to start writing the dragon in soon. probably withing those 3k which are left...

      Fantasy is great!