Wednesday, June 6, 2012

PicMonkey: Replacing Picnik

Picnik used to be my favourite online photo editing site. Even without a premium account, it had some great features, and with a premium account, it was fantastic. It had features for collages, adding text, touching up your photos, adding frames and special effects. And I loved it.

But then Picnik was bought out by Google and because part of Google+. On investigation, it wasn't even worth joining Google+ for use the program, because the collage feature, the most important in my eyes, wasn't there.

My beautiful blog header
Which left me with a dilemma. What was I to use for making collages now? How was I supposed to make beautiful collections of photos without Picnik? Searching for another site didn't bring up anything useful. There were plenty of free sites which allow you to edit your photos, but none gave you to option of making a collage.

Then, Mum introduced me to a new site, called PicMonkey. It's got virtually all the features of Picnik, plus a few more, and, most importantly, it's got the collage maker I wanted. Obviously, this was a site to explore.

On checking it out, I found so many options it was hard to decide what to use on my photos. PicMonkey has so many ways of making your photos beautiful. My Camp NaNoWriMo novel's cover was made on PicMonkey. My collage blog header was made on PicMonkey. And my Facebook cover photo was also a product of this site.
My Facebook cover photo.

I'm not sad that Picnik's gone any more. With PicMonkey around, I have all the photo editing options I could possibly want. I am perfectly content.

Have you used PicMonkey before? What do you use to edit your photos with?


  1. That's good to know!
    I'm pretty adept at Photoshop, but that comes with years of experience.

    1. Wow, you truly are the ninja captain. I've only just published this post!

      I rather envy people who can manipulate programs such as Photoshop. PicMonkey is as complex as I can go. After that, layers and brushes just get me lost.

  2. You have a real eye for design, Immy! I love the colours you use. And, I agree - creating with photos is a lot of fun! I look forward to seeing more of your work:-)

    1. Thanks! I love all the blue. It's such a pretty colour.

  3. I edit my pictures with Corel Paint Shop Pro x2 (a bit like photoshop I've heard!) Though I must admit, I played around with picmonkey, as well as befunky, and I love the how simple they are - they are just so much fun to use! And I love the banners I can make with PicMonkey, I reckon I'm going to enjoy that site.
    Thanks for sharing. :)