Monday, February 11, 2013

There's a Pink Flamingo On My Front Lawn

What the flamingo lawn ornament thinks it looks like.

There's a pink flamingo sitting in the middle of my front lawn. He perches there on one foot, day in and day out, watching life going past. He doesn't ask for much, just a patch of grass to stand on, and the occasional person to admire his beautiful bright pink feathers.

The pink flamingo feels quite superior. He is, after all, ths only bright pink animal in the whole garden. The rest of the animals are so drab and brown. Why, some of them are even showing signs of rust in their iron sides. But he, he is glorious in his radiance.

Anyone could be like the dog, faithful, rusty and old. The flamingo is quite glad he doesn't have the dog's tail on a spring. What a nasty clatter that tail makes whenever it moves. The flamingo is thankful it doesn't have a tail like that.

And who would want to be like the peacock? Large and unwieldy, taking up space on the concrete path? The flamingo is proud of it's compact size. It doesn't need to take up much space in this garden.

And honestly, who would want to be the giant spider? Even made out of metal the spider isn't good company. Really, the nerve of it being so much larger than a real spider. Someone might get scared. No one is going to be scared looking at the pink flamingo.

The bright pink flamino stands in the middle of the front lawn, balancing precariously on one leg and contemplates the very great honour it is conferring on the garden by gracing the lawn with it's presence. After all, which other house on the street,surrounded by bush, is home to a magnificent, bright pink bird like this one?

There's a pink flamingo on my front lawn, and I think it has a high opinion of itself for a simple metal lawn ornament!


  1. Just wait until a whole flock of them shows up!

    1. What a terrifying thought! One of them is bad enough, but a flock? I'm not sure I could hand the superiority.