Wednesday, September 14, 2011

To Blend or Not To Blend

The choir master came up to speak to me one day. "Imogen, you need to blend in with the rest of your section more. You stick out a bit."

At first I was puzzled. Did I really stick out that much while singing? I certainly wasn't trying to. Wasn't I singing just like everyone else? I got quite worried, and for the next few weeks tried valiantly not to be heard at all. The upshot was that I didn't enjoy the rehearsals one little bit, which was a pity because I love to sing.

The choir is not the only place I stick out in. I'm very noticeable among people of my own age too. Go to any function, and I'm always different. I wear skirts, not jeans. I don't wear make up. I hate high heels. I like to talk about things like Shakespeare, biology, Jane Austen, and other such weighty matters, not to spend hours talking without saying a thing. I like spending time with one or two people, not hanging around with a crowd...The list is endless.

Sometimes it's hard being so out of place. I know people see the differences between me and other girls my age. I'm sure people think I'm weird. When I go places and meet new people, it's hard for me to break into the in crowd. Just because I'm different.

I could fix this. I could go out and buy trendy clothes. I could squeeze into a pair of skinny jeans and totter around in a set of ridiculously high heels. I could talk nonsense all day and plaster my face with all kinds of goo. I could become absolutely normal.

But why would I want to? I'm perfectly happy being me. I couldn't even begin to imagine wearing jeans all day. It's hard enough to make myself wear pants for exercise. Elvis feet aren't known for liking high heels. And really, isn't my face good enough without all that make up? No, I'll stay the way I am. I won't follow the crowd, I'll be my own crowd.

I may not be the most popular girl, or the most trendy, but I'm happy and comfortable. I don't care if I'm different. But I'll still have to work on blending in at choir!

I hope I haven't offended any jeans and high heels wears by writing this blog post. It's just that neither of those things are for me. I'll stick to skirts and flats thank you.

Do you like to blend in and be part of the crowd? Or do you prefer to be different? Do you wear jeans or skirts? I'd love to hear from you!


  1. I don't really blend at all, and I don't wan't to! If I know a lot of the people then I just be myself, if I don't really know them I just be gracious and kind, like a grand Victorian lady. =] I like being different and unique. And, I<3 jeans over skirts and would prefer to wear them over a skirt. but, sometimes a skirt is just sooo much more appropriate.
    Being yourself is the best thing to be. I enjoy being me! ( that last part was not meant to rhyme)

  2. You are normal, Immy - more normal than you think!

    Like you, I prefer small numbers of close friends to large groups and I don't like high heels - but, I must admit, I love my comfy jeans!

    Another thing I like is deep conversations about things like Shakespeare, but I don't like small talk. And, I love beautiful goddaughters who take time out of their day to keep in touch.

    I'm glad you're comfortable with who you are because you are very special, already.:)

  3. Autumn, I'm glad you like to be yourself too. Jeans must be comfy because everyone tells me so. However, I still prefer my skirts, like you like your jeans. And they're all fine by me.

    "I just be gracious and kind, like a grand Victorian lady" I love that. It's such a good way to behave. I must remember that. Thanks so much for stopping to comment on this post.

  4. Aunty Vicky, apart from the jeans we sound quite alike. You know, I was almost afraid to post this in case I offended people by not liking jeans! I'm glad to see that, so far, I don't appear to have.

    I love beautiful aunts who always take time to stop and say hello. Thank you so much and I love you.

  5. Wow, we have a lot in common! While I love high heels and I do wear makeup, I always wear skirts as well, and I LOVE talking about literature, especially Shakespeare. Once I met somebody else who loves Shakespeare at a party, and I spent the whole time chattering like a magpie. A person who's willing to discuss Shakespeare for two hours is a gem.

    Keep being different! Different is good, especially your kind. (About the choir, what helps me is to try not to focus on listening to MY voice. Instead I listen to the sound of the choir in general, and that helps a bit.)

    Your blog looks awesome! I can't wait to keep reading it.

  6. Imogen,
    In my set, that is COMPLETELY normal. We are all catholic homeschooled girls and though I like jeans, (though of course with loose legs, not skinny or ripped up,) I like to wear skirts and dresses too, which my aunt thinks is odd. You aren't all that strange. (Though since I don't know you, how should I really know?

  7. Imogen, I love this post!
    High heels and skinny jeans - well pants of any sort just aren't for me! I love skirts and no makeup and ballet flats. I really do.

    I've never really blended in...and I've come to realize. It's more than okay to be me.

  8. Victoria, you must be a real gem then. I love meeting other people who love talking Shakespeare. I know my friends think I'm weird for like him so much.

    Another skirt wearer! Woohoo! I'm you're part of the skirt wearer's club.

    Thanks for your tips for the choir. Normally I just sing and enjoy myself, but I have to focus on not sticking out because I happen to have a strong voice. It doesn't help that sometimes I'm the only one who can reach the notes. Still, net practice I'm going to listen to the choir and not myself. Thank you!

    Thanks for taking the time to stop and write a comment. I love receiving and answering comments. Also, thanking for following!

  9. Anonymous, it's a pity your aunt thinks that your wearing skirts and dresses is odd. But I think it's great that you wear them anyway. Most people I know realise that I just won't wear anything else.

    It's nice to hear that I'm not as strange as I thought I was. It's nice to be alone in my opinions and ways of life.

    Thank you for stopping to comment!

  10. Jessica, I'm excited! You sound so much like me. Don't ever worry about not blending in. We're unique!

    Thanks for stopping to comment and for following. You really made my day.

  11. Just you keep being yourself, Immy:) Wearing skirts and having different interests to some people doesn't make you weird at all.

  12. I think it;s very awesome that you are willing to be yourself. I admire that very much and I wish more people were like you.

    I do like dressing up every once in a while, but most of the time I like to wear pretty things that are loose and comfortable. It's not like I have to impress anyone :)

    That's a very wonderful attitude to have, and I wish I had your same amount of confidence :)

  13. Carrie, thanks! I hope you don't htink I was having a go at you with the high heels and jeans. That's just you, not me. And I'm not going to stop being me. After all, being someone else wouldn't be half so much fun!

  14. Clare, I don't dress up everyday neither. But I always wear skirts. Loose and pretty is the way to go I think.

    I bet you have a lot of confidence yourself. To tell the truth, I don't always feel very confident. But the power of pretence is a wonderful thing!

  15. Well, my aunt is kind of odd, to tell the truth. I wouldn't use 'anonymous' as a name but I am not really 'with' all this computer stuff and I don't have a blog.
    I'm JT/King Valun's (from 'the window on the south') sister, if that matters.

  16. I feel quite honoured that you stopped to leave a comment. It's nice to meet JT's sister.

  17. Imogen,
    I wear skirts and jeans, no makeup (only for dance concerts otherwise not allowed on stage!!!!!) other than lipstick, and you know me - I STAND OUT IN A CROWD!!! Aweseome post!!!!
    love Brid xox (aka Sara xox)