Monday, April 4, 2011

Liquid Sunshine Blog Party

Well, being fairly new to the blogging world, I haven't yet been part of a blog Party. I've got no idea what it's like, but I'm willing to give anything a go. So, I've joined the Liquid Sunshine blog party from Horsefeathers.

Favourite season, and why?
Spring and autumn. They're so beautiful plantwise. I love seeing the colours of the trees in autumn, and seeing all the flowers in spring. Plus they've got the best weather. Summer's too hot, and winter's too cold, but spring and autumn are just right.

How would you describe your personal style?
Girly. I love skirts, long and knee length. I love the colour pink and I adore adding accesseries, like earrings to make my outfit perfect. You'll never see me in a pair of jeans.

What's one weird thing you can do? (The stranger the better)
Ummmmmmm. Nothing. I'm pretty normal. Unless not being able to do something weird makes me abnormal.

Rain or shine?
Shine, definitely. We have so much rain here that I get really bored of it. Plus it means that we're coped up inside the whole time. Yes, absolutely shine.

Confession time...what's a flaw of yours?
I can be very short tempered. I generally get really angry at the smallest things, especially when I'm tired. Mainly though I get angry when my sisters are being silly and trying to annoy me. Still, I'm working on it.

Favourite music?
Classical, songs from musicals such as 'The Sound of Music', and 'The Phantom of the Opera', and Enya.

Have you ever made a decision that you've instantly regretted? What was it?
Lots, and most of them are injury related. Probably the most recent one was when I was playing as goalie in a game of soccer and I stuck out my hand to stop the ball and dislocated my thumb. It instantly popped back in and I had saved the ball. But I definitely regretted not letting that ball go. I regretted it for six weeks afterwards as I waited for my hand to heal.

Who do you admire/look up to?
Several people. Mum and Dad are the main ones. They manage to keep order and peace in the house while smiling, and rarely get angry at us. I especially admire Dad, because he seems to have found a way to grow up while staying a bit of a child. He loves joking around. I admire Mum because she's taught me everything I know, she always has time to talk to each of us and help us sort out our problems, and most of all, because she love us all, even when we're unlovable.

You've won an unlimited supply of...what?
CHOCOLATE! Please tell me I have!

If you were an animal, what would you be?
A cat. They have the best lives. All they do is eat and sleep. Or at least that's what our's do.

If you knew you were going to die in a year, what would you do?
Spend the year with my family.

You're now a gazillionaire...where do you go to spend your money?
I don't know, I don't normally spend my money.

Classical music: love it or hate it?
Love it. Especially in piano or singing.

I have a mild one of losing things. I hate doing that. Especially when that thing is me!

Hop on a plane and live somwhere for a year...where is it and why?
If I had to I'd probably go and live in the Birmingham area of England to see all my English relations.

Introvert or Extrovert?
Introvert with large groups of people. I am not a group person. I'm a bit extrovert with small groups and people I know really well.

Would you/do you perform on stage?
I do. I sing as part of a choir, I've acted, and I've sung alone. No stage fright for me.

Well, that's it. And if you've managed to make it through all my answers to the questions, congratulations. I'll post a proper post up soon for those of you who aren't interested in the blog party.


  1. Hello! You left a comment on my blog, and I wanted to return the favor. ;)
    I love the fact that you wear only skirts. So do I! :D From reading your answers, I can tell we have a lot in common. Except, maybe, washing cats. :)


  2. I don't know of many people who wash cats like I do. I was so excited when I read your comment, and even more so when I saw you had followed me. I tried to follow your blog, but I couldn't see how to. Do you actually have a follow button?


  3. Great answers! :) I joined too!!