Thursday, April 14, 2011

Of Scooters and Sisters

It started with one scooter, bought on special. Gemma-Rose came home with her brand new scooter and at once, Sophie wanted one too. Very soon another scooter was produced, which made Sophie wild with happiness.

It soon became a little bit of a habit to go to the park on a Thursday morning. The park was, of course, the best place to ride a scooter. Mum would sit at the picnic table and watch as Sophie and Gemma-Rose swooped up and down the smooth concrete paths, evidently enjoying themselves greatly.

While they swooped and skidded, and occasionally fell off, Charlotte and I contented ourselves with walking round the lake, enjoying watching the smaller girls playing. I had no desire to get on a scooter. After all, sixteen year old girls are a bit big for that kind of thing, aren't they?

A few weeks into the fun, Charlotte suddenly developed a longing to try the wonders of scooters. Mum smiled when she heard this, and went to look for the pinkest scooter she could find. She succeeded too, for the pink and white, ultra girly scooter that was bought for Charlotte, was an instant hit. She loved it at first sight.

Now it was just Mum and me sitting at the table watching the fun. I watched the girls playing and felt a little wistful. I'd never had a scooter when I was their age. Such a pity I was too big for them. They looked like such fun.

"Imogen, it's your turn," Charlotte told me suddenly.
"What! No it's not. The scooter's yours. Besides, I'm too big."
"Oh go on", Mum said.
"I'll teach you how," Gemma-Rose added kindly.

Encouraged by everyone, I tentatively put one foot on the scooter. What if I fell off?
"You do it like this," Gemma-Rose said, suddenly popping up in front of me. "Come on, its easy."

And fore I knew it I was racing her along the path. It was addictive. Rushing along the path with the wind in your hair, dodging small children, jumping off just as you were about to topple over, well, I loved it. I wanted more. But there were only two scooter. And, after a long run round the lake trying to keep up with my speedy sisters, I realised that if wanted to really join in, then I'd just have to get a scooter of my own.

And so, as quickly as possible, I obtained a new, sleek, black and red speed machine. I ripped the packaging off, excited by the thought that, next time we went to the park, I would be able to race my sisters. But then disaster struck! We didn't go to the park for weeks. My beautiful new scooter lay in the dark garage, waiting for the day when I would finally ride it.

And, after weeks of waiting, today I did finally give it it's first run. It was so beautiful today that Dad decided to take Charlotte and I to the park. And with us came our scooters. For hours we glided round and round the lake, dodging other children on scooter, bikes, and Rollerblades, skirting round pedestrians, and jumping off to get past dogs on leads.

It was wonderful. I absolutely loved the feeling of flying along. And I knew that, right behind me, Charlotte was enjoying it too. I hardly wanted to stop, but finally we were both worn out. The new scooter had to be packed up and we left for home.

Now that I've tried scootering I know that I'm really going to enjoy it. Next time we go, the little girls will come too. Then we can be a scootering band, the Speed Angel Sisters, as we call ourselves. And I've learnt an important thing: You're never too old to ride a scooter. Now all we have to do is get Mum one...


  1. I love my scooter! I've had one scince I was nine a lovely blue one. I love riding it. :)

  2. That's awesome! You're never too young for scootering!

  3. Hi Imogen,
    Getting Comments is awesome! I's great to know what people think about what you write... I love the whole aspect of blogging!
    Yes, Romeo and Juliet is going very well, thanks for asking! I'm planning on finishing it today, along with playing a game, revising my text entry, writing... ect! I really love being busy though... it's fun.
    R&J is the first Shakespeare I've read, Misummmer Nights Dream's on my booklist for this year though, and I can't wait to read it!
    Have you read many of Shakespeare's works? Do you have a favourite? I've never need a full movie of any of his things- there's a new R&J movie being made, I wonder what it'll be like...? ( :
    Do you have a favourite film version of any of his works?
    Thanks! I love writing, you should try and just set aside a time for writing everyday, it might help... also, try something similar to what you did with your diary?
    Thanks for saying hello!

  4. Hi, (in reply to your comment on the Dreamy Tree)
    Thanks, I'm glad you like the pictures! There are more coming soon! ( :
    Yes, it's sort of nice... I don't know why though, because it's so sad and it happens, maybe it's the truthfulness in it... how it's written, pictured... I like it in a sad way.

  5. @ Autumn, I never realised how much fun scooters were before I tried them. Now I'm hooked!

    @Romi, I'm so glad you like Shakespeare. So many people don't like his works. But my whole family (with the exception of Dad) love his works. We've all read through some of his plays, and we've watched most of them on film too. I have to say that my favourite film version of any of the plays is the Kenneth Branagh 'Much Ado About Nothing', closely followed by his production of Hamlet. He's a really good actor and well worth seeing. We've read over half of Shakespeare's play, all the main ones and a lot of the minor ones too.

    You're probably right about the writing. I'm playing around with an idea at the moment, but I really need to think it over and then dedicate myself to it. I once finished a first draft of a story, but then thought it was too silly and scrapped the whole idea.

  6. Hi Imogen!
    Could you get your mum and dad one each?
    That would be so funny!!!

  7. Dad refuses to even think about getting on one, let alone having one. Pity. I think he'd look great on a scooter!