Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The Holy Spirit Descends

It was the day of Sophie's confirmation. The cake with its twelve fruits sat in the fridge. Sophie's preparation book was completely filled out. Her white dress was back from the dry cleaners.

Sophie put on the clean white dress and stood patiently while Mum braided her hair back neatly. then it was off to the living room for photos. Snap, snap. The camera captured Sophie's huge, excited smile. She couldn't wait to be off to the church.

But first there was an hour and a half drive to the actual church. Then a wait while the small choir rehearsed the hymns for the mass. Then it was finally time to enter the church for the ceremony.

I sat next to Sophie, feeling a bit nervous. What if I forgot what we were supposed to do? We were the first in line so we couldn't even copy anyone. I ran through all the steps in my head, over and over again. I mustn't forget them.

Looking around the church just before mass, I contrasted this confirmation with my own. Apart from Sophie, there were only eight other children being confirmed, all of whom we knew well. At my confirmation I was one of about thirty children, all strangers.

The time came for Sophie to be confirmed. Together we left the pew and knelt before the bishop. He smiled at us as he checked the pronunciation of Sophie's confirmation name. Even before I had realised what was happening, we were walking back to the pew, and someone else was kneeling in our place. It had been so easy.

Sophie looked up at me, her big eyes shining, her big smile stretched all over her happy face. She squeezed my hand. I smiled back, dimly remembering how excited I had been when I was newly confirmed also.

Mass ended, we headed outside to have our photos taken with the bishop. Cameras flashed from everywhere, or so it seemed. Then we were done and walking inside for a slice of the huge confirmation cake.

Back at home again, we sliced our own, special, fruit covered cake.
"I want a bit of pineapple," Sophie said.
"Well, I want the mango," I countered.

Everyone chipped in, adding which fruit they would like to eat. The only fruit not mentioned was the poor tomato.

"Did you have a good day?" Mum asked Sophie. "Do you feel special now?"
"Yes!" she answered


  1. Awesome!!! I hope you had a good day!!!
    Brid xox

  2. We did thank you Brid. Thanks for stopping by.

  3. It sounds as though it was a really special day, Immy - so nice to be confirmed with a few close friends:)

  4. Sophie really enjoyed being confirmed with so many people she knew. Most of her friends were there.