Friday, July 29, 2011

Small Treats For Big Pleasure

"Come on!" Gemma-Rose cried. "We're going to walk up to the shop and get some Freddo Frogs."

We flew to our rooms and raced into shoes and jackets. No one wanted to dawdle when there was a chance of chocolate. In two minutes flat we were out the door and walking down the street. The afternoon was beautiful. The sun shone brightly in the blue sky. You would hardly have guessed that it was the middle of winter.

The smaller girls walked ahead holding onto Mum's hands. Charlotte and I trailed behind, chatting about our upcoming music exams and enjoying the beautiful wattle that bloomed bravely, turning the trees to gold. I wondered, as always, why wattle chooses to flower in winter.

Soon we reached the shop. We homed in on the chocolate section at once. Mum pointed out the treats we could have.

"I want a Curly Wurly," Gemma-Rose announced, before asking, "What is one of them anyway?"
We piled our sweets on the counter, waiting impatiently for Mum to pay for them.

"Shall we sit at the park and eat them?" Mum suggested as we left the shop.
"Yes!" we decided.
A short stone table, mushroomed out of the ground, providing the perfect place for us to eat. Coats were soon discarded as the sun warmed us.

Everyone soon joined in an animated discussion about names, and titles. No one noticed the time slipping away until Mum stood up and announced that it was time to go home.

We tripped gaily home again, enjoying the beautiful afternoon, and having already enjoyed our unexpected treat. Walking up to the shop to get a small chocolate takes very little effort, but can be so enjoyable, especially when it isn't expected. On the whole, I love small things like these, and like them all the better when I have people to share them with.

I apologise for not posting more often recently, but I am drowning in piano exam preparation.


  1. Little pleasures somehow seem to mean more, don't they? I wonder if we would appreciate these treats as much if we lived in a chocolate factory!

    Good luck for your piano exam, Immy. I'm sure you'll blitz it!! xx

  2. Big pleasures are almost too big. It's hard to just sit back and savour them. I doubt we would enjoy a walk up to the village shop as much if we lived in a chocolate factory. But the chocolate factory would be quite nice for a visit!

    Thanks for stopping to comment. I always love reading what you have to say.