Monday, March 4, 2013

Talking Round the Table

Apparently this toucan is talking. I wonder if he talks round the lunch table too?

The best part of every morning is lunchtime. We stop work, make lunch, and cluster round the table to eat and share stories of our morning's work. It's a habit we've formed over many years, and I love it. It's a whole other education outside of my usual work.

"Did you know that Holland isn't actually a country?" Mum starts with. "It's actually a province."

"What's a province?" Gemma-Rose, the youngest, asks.

We explain that it's like a state and soon my younger sisters are teaching me all about Holland and the Archimedes Screw used in windmills. It's a fascinating subject. So much I didn't know about Holland and the Netherlands before.

Eventually we move on to Victor Hugo and his history lesson of a novel, Les Miserable. Charlotte is stubbornly trying to reach the end of this tome, though it's taken her months to get close.

"I think that book is the definition of an info dump," I say with a giggle. "All that history."

This moves us onto the subjects of books and soon we're sharing old favourite books that we've read for fun, or used in our study. From there, who knows where the conversation might go? It's sure to be in an interesting direction.

Officially, I'm not homeschooling any more. I'm a full time uni student, study the business of writing and publishing. I don't study artists, history, or composers any more. I'm too busy trying to wrap my head around sociology, or keep up with the technical terms of media. My education has moved on.

But that doesn't mean that I don't have time to join in with our lively lunchtime discussions round the table. There's still so much to learn that my university course doesn't cover. Talking with my family, learning from them, and adding my own views is an important part of life. Yes, I might not be homeschooling any more, but I'm still learning alongside my brothers and sisters, sharing knowledge. And that is something I hope will never stop.


  1. Family time around the dinner (or lunch) table is something to be treasured. Quite the prize discovering that the interesting people you know are also kin.

    1. It's good to have family members who are interesting, I agree. It makes staying at home much more fun. we've had so many great conversations together.

  2. Just stopping by from the a-z blog challenge. It's so nice to have scheduled talk time, with your family. I loved Les Miserables, it was one of my favourite books, it almost makes me sad that you thought it was just an info dump.

    Have fun with the blog challenge.

    1. Hi Jessica, it's great to meet you. It's a pity that we didn't really find Les Miserable so interesting. I think that my sister enjoyed the story, but she's not big in having a lot of history in her novels, and neither am I sadly. Maybe we would appreciate it more if we eased ourselves into it gradually? I'm glad that you like it though. So many people like it that it really must be a worthwhile book to read. Maybe I'll manage to read it myself someday.

      Enjoy the blogging challenge and I'm sure I'll see you around the blogosphere this month.