Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Beach Art

When packing to go on holiday, I was planning what amusements to take with me. Laptop, ereader, ipod...doodling equipment. Not that I thought I was really going to use that last one. Why, I'd be far too busy to do a mere doodle.
The beach.

In the afternoon of the first full day, I suddenly remembered my doodling stuff. I had a black pen with me, and the little girls had some coloured pencils out. I decided to do some drawing. I finished my doodle that evening. Suddenly I had captured a little of our holiday on paper. I wanted to capture more. So I started another.

Shell hunting by the surf beach.

My first doodle was inspired just by the beach, but my next came from a shell hunting trip. Then I drew one inspired by the hundreds of bluebottle jellyfish washed up on the surf beach. The essence of canoeing joined the gang, and finally, our traditional sand fort.
Bluebottle jellyfish are nasty creatures, but they make nice pictures.

My beach doodles were different from any of my other doodles. Little dots defined the water and the sun. Wavy lines flowed through the picture, ending up as seaweed. My favourite thing about the doodles was that it didn't matter that all the objects, such as shells, didn't look lifelike. It was how the picture was meant to be.
The essence of canoeing. Sun, water and seaweed.

I'm glad now that I decided to take my doodling stuff. We always had plenty of time to spend sitting quietly, reading or drawing. And now I have my own, personal, unique way to remember our wonderful beach holiday.
Our traditional sand fort. We make one every beach holiday.

Have you ever drawn the events of your holiday? Which of my doodles do you like best? I'd love to hear!


  1. Hi Imogen

    Those are great :D

    My favorites were the first and the last one


  2. Legolas, I think the first doodle is my favourite too. Thanks for commenting!

  3. Those are so cool, Imogen! I like the style. :)

    - Victoria (http://raindropsandmoonlight.blogspot.com)

  4. They are all lovely, but I like the second one best!
    Is your emailo fixed up yet?
    Sara xox (Brid)

  5. Thanks Victoria. I'm afraid that's the only style I can draw, but at least it looks good.

  6. Hi Sara, yes, I finally got my email sorted out, after starting a whole new account. I'll have to send you my new address.

    I like the effect I got with the water in the second doodle. I'm afraid I really had a thing for those little circles.

    See you at camp next week!

  7. They are beautiful!
    I love the beach.
    Beth xx

  8. Beth, I love the beach too. I believe that's the best of all my beach doodles. It's so simple, but very expressive. At least that's how I see it.

  9. These are soooo great!!!! Good job!

  10. I am so impressed,It's beautiful, and very beachy. Love those colors.
    beach art