Friday, May 6, 2011

With Magic Fingers

My love of writing.
I love my imagination, that wonderful tool. It touches words and thoughts with its magic fingers and parades them before me, each one with its own character and personality. It gently steers me, like a puff of wind in the sails of a ship, from one idea to the next, not one the same as another. I love how it paints a landscape for me with its skilful brushes, showing me, in my mind’s eye, a world outside of any I have known.

I love my notebook, small enough to tuck away in a carry bag, under a pillow, or in a drawer, waiting for inspiration to strike. Its frosted cover feels grainy under my fingertips, hiding the bright, cheerful spotty page underneath. I love the pages with their perforated edges, so easy to tear out if needs be, the blue lined sheets, fresh and clean, ready to receive the words that give them their meaning.

I love my pens, my thoughts, route to the outside word: my parker pens, with practical blue ink, my small coloured pens, their bright, vivid ink echoing the life and vitality of my dancing thoughts, the crazy, feathery pen that tickles my hand and races across the page like a demented duck.

I love my netbook, so small and light, so easy to carry anywhere, for writing whenever and wherever inspiration strikes. Its black lid, chequered with lines is so familiar to my fingertips; so many times they have slid across it as I lift the lid. I love the feel of the keys, so easy to push down, so much faster than writing with a pencil. I listen to them click and tap, as I type away, keeping pace with my flying thoughts.

I love my writing, so uniquely me. No matter how much someone wants to, they can never write the same as I do. I love the way that my writing is my thoughts on paper, that when I write, I breathe life into the world created in my imagination. When I have finished my writing, I know I can keep it forever, show it to people, and introduce them to the companions and landscapes of my inner world, which only sees light through my writing.

What do you love about writing?


  1. I agree with everythings you say in this post.
    Some of the things I like about writing are that I can create the kind of world I want and through the words I can transport myself to another world . Sometimes it hurts sooooo much to come back.

  2. I enjoy writing a lot myself. As probably most people do, I do it to create worlds that take shape as inspiration strikes. My current project is A Tale Of King valun of Corridane, hence my screen name. I also enjoy knowing whether anybody else thinks my writing is any good...:D Hence JT's Tales. Keep up your own writing... Writing is insanely fun! It's my #1 hobby!

  3. @ Autumn, I hate to be pulled back to the real world when I'm writing. Most of the time I just grunt when people talk to me because I don't want to come back!

    @ JT, I find writing really fun too, though I sometimes struggle to make time for it. I'm working on a story that's taken over a year to form any real sort of plot in my mind.

    Thank you both for taking the time to stop and comment. I really enjoy reading them.

  4. I am truly looking forward to reading your first book, Immy - I'm sure it will be a great read. x

  5. Ok; well done on the competition! Your book is all packaged up and waiting for your address!

  6. I know! I want to do it!

  7. You write so beautifully!
    (Stopping by from "Stories of an Unschooling Family")

  8. Thank you Suzy. I love writing, and I love to read what people think of my writing. Thank you for taking the time to stop and read my post.

  9. Hi Imogen. I have had a quick look around your blog, I really like your blog, It has such a creative name - dancing with dragonflies. You are blessed with beautiful writing talent as well. Keep posting and I hope to read more....

    Emmanuelle from

  10. Hi Emmanuella, thanks so much for taking the time to stop and comment. I love meeting new people and hearing what they think of my blog and my writing. You are so encouraging! Thank you!