Monday, April 15, 2013

Music, Music Teachers, and Amazing Gifts

My piano teacher has the most amazing house. It is really more of a tiny house tacked onto a massive music room, which contains two full sized grand pianos and a massive organ. How she got them through the normal sized door I haven’t yet worked out. Maybe they built the room around the instruments? And added to that, she also owns two upright pianos, one in her shed, and one in her study. You can tell, just by looking at it, that a music teacher lives there.

Recently she announced that she was going to sell one of her upright pianos. After all, what use does one person have for four pianos, even when she is a piano teacher? After her husband, my former piano teacher, died last year, there just weren’t enough people to use them enough. It was perfectly understandable that she would sell one, though it was a pity. In my house we play on an electric piano, so her pianos are a real treat to play on every week at our lessons.

One day, she said, suddenly and unexpectedly, that she was going to give us the piano she had been planning to sell. My mouth dropped open. Give us a piano? Give us a PIANO? A piano is not something that you give away like that, not to my mind.

“You need a proper piano to play,” she said. “And Ian would have wanted you to have it too.”

I think about that, and I have to admit, it’s the sort of generous thing that both my teacher and her husband, Ian, would do. They’ve given us so much over the past few years, such as free piano lessons that we could never have afforded. To give us a piano is a big thing, and something I still can’t wrap my head around properly.

Soon the piano removalists are going to move the piano from my teacher’s house to ours. Soon the big, shiny, black piano will be sitting in our family room, it’s smooth white keys inviting me to sit down and press them, making beautiful music. I can still hardly believe how generous my teachers, both of them, have been. How could I deserve such a generous and unexpected gift?


  1. What a wonderful gift! That was incredibly generous of her.

    1. It was very generous of her. I still can't get over the shock of this yet. we've reorganized the house, the removalists are booked to get it for us, and I still can't believe she's giving it to us.

  2. I would love to have a piano in my home, especially one that I played regularly. I'm not learned with the piano, but I did used to take voice lessons. I'm able to pick out tunes, though, and I think pianos are beautiful!

    Enjoy. :)



    1. Pianos are very beautiful, and I always think it's a privilege to be able to play one. I'm definitely going to enjoy this one. I've played it a couple of times before, and it's a beauty.

      Ooh, voice lessons. Those are always fun. What style of singing did you used to do?

  3. Wow, that's great! Years ago, when I was taking piano lessons, I had to play on an electric keyboard as well. It was awful, because my fingers were so weak that I could always barely press the keys down at the teacher's piano.

    Back then, my mom was on the board of our the old time fiddle association, district 3. The fiddlers were given a piano, and the person in charge of finding a place for it knew I played piano, so it now resides at our house except for the two days of the fiddle contest every year.

    The Mysterious MAS. Wooo! <--- that is a ghost sound. Because I am a ghoster.

    1. That's an amazing story MAS. How very lucky for you. There's nothing quite like a real piano, is there? And welcome back. I've missed seeing you around.