Saturday, May 28, 2011

Late, Later, Latest

Every second Saturday morning is singing lesson day. Mum and I might go out early and do some shopping first. But getting there has never been a hassle.

Today however was different. Today Duncan was taking me to singing, while dropping Dad in town on the way.
"What time do we need to go?" Dad asked me. I racked my brains, trying to remember what time Mum and I normally left.
"Umm, 10:30 I think," I said, hesitatingly.

10:30 rolled around and we headed out to the car. As we dropped Dad in town I took a look at the clock. Yikes! It was 10:45 already.
We're going to be late, I though anxiously. I've never been late.

We roared up the hills, heading for Mrs D's place. I kept one eyes constantly on the clock. Every minute we were getting closer, but not fast enough. As we got closer and closer I absolutely knew we were late. The clock showed 10:57, 10:58, 10:59...11:00 We were officially late.

Two minutes later (11:02) we drew up outside Mrs D's house. My heart sank. We were late! As I hurried along the brick path I thought, Mrs D would be waiting for me, wondering where I was. I'd missed some of my lesson. I was LATE. I was...

I entered the little brick courtyard outside the lesson room. Mrs D was sitll busy with the student before me. But I wasn't comforted. They were probably filling in time while waiting for me. As I sat down I expected any minute for them to come out, thankful that I had arrived at last.

The door swung open and Mrs D came out. I stood up, expecting to go straight in. But Mrs D was looking a little embarassed.
"Oh Imogen, I'm running very late today," she cried. "You wouldn't mind waiting another 15 mins would you?"

I assured her that of course I wouldn't mind. Then I trudged back up the brick path to tell Duncan that Mrs D was late. Halfway up the path I suddenly laughed to myself. I'd had all that worry for nothing. My being late hadn't mattered after all! How silly I'd been to worry so much. God had made everything work out. I might have been late but one of the pupils before me was later, and Mrs D was the latest of all.


  1. Glad everything worked out so well- you said 10.57, 10.58, 10.50... i thought it looked awesome like that personally!

  2. Thanks for pointing that mistake out. I don't always notice them. Mostly I forget letters. But numbers are worse. I've fixed it now thanks to you.

  3. It's so considerate to be punctual but, sometimes, it's all out of our control, isn't it? I guess that's when we say a prayer that God will fix everything from His end! Love your posts, Immy:) x

  4. Thank goodness God is always watching out for us. It's funny, the whole way there I was hoping that Mrs D would be running a couple of minute late, and she was far later than I was. I was also praying that everything would be ok. God is very good to me.

  5. Lucky that your teacher was late other wise you would have missed some of your class. I remember Megan and Carrie used to have piano lessons and so am I when Mum gets more money.

  6. My teacher is often late, though not always as late as that. I hope you enjoy your piano lessons when you have them. I love playing the piano, and I'm trying to remember to give Sophie and Gemma-Rose lessons too.