Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Come And Meet My Friends

Writing is my passion. I love to transfer the stories floating around in my head onto paper. Most of all I love to introduce other people to the friends in my imagination. So in this post I would like you to meet two of my most favourite characters, Indigo Starsight and Maxaira (ma-ky-ra) Nighthawk.
All credit goes to my friend Catherine. I can't draw half as well as this

Indigo is a martial arts expert and the only daughter of a duke. She is a natural leader and inspires loyalty from all her companions. She started out as my warrior alter ego but soon took on a life of her own.
Another of Catherine's beautiful drawings.

Maxaira Nighthawk was originally introduced to me by my cousin, but Maxaira soon found herself caught up in Indigo's story. She's a natural swords-mistress and a fierce fighter. She's wary of strangers but extremely loyal to her friends.
Maxaira as drawn by my sister Charlotte.

While I'm talking about writing, my friend JT is starting a new story on his writing blog, JT's Tales. He would be thrilled if you would join us as we begin to read his new story.


  1. Fascinating characters - I can't wait to read the story, now, Immy:)

  2. Those characters look like a lot of fun to write. I had my sister try to draw my characters, but they're not done yet... (and you're right, I would be thrilled...:D)

  3. Hi Imogoen.
    I really like the drawings.
    I can't draw like that.
    I am going to make three story books.
    You are so good at drawing.
    from Melanie xo xo

  4. Aunty Vicky, I'll be a long time before the story is worth reading. But hopefully it will be actually worth other people reading it once I'm finished.

    JT, I actually remembered to write about your new story, which is good for me. Indigo and Maxaira are great fun to write about, but it can be really frustrating sometimes when they decide to take matters into their own hands and change the plot without telling me.

    Melanie, I like the drawing too, but they aren't mine. There's no way I could possibly draw anything as good as those.

  5. I remember those first drawings. And finally I get to see Charlotte's drawing skills!!

    Wish I could draw like that...

  6. I was going to post up your picture but I ran out of time and energy. Maybe I'll get round it another time. Anyway, does that satisfy you now?

  7. Hi Imogen.
    What you didn't draw the pictures. I bet that you could be really good at drawing.
    From Melanie xo xo