Thursday, June 23, 2011

Saints, Confirmation, and Responsors

Sophie came home from Mass with a huge grin on her face. Fr S had said that she could be confirmed
"I'll have to choose a saint," she said thoughtfully. So the rest of the day was spent reading saint books, trying to decide which one she wanted. I watched her as she read, thinking, "It'll take her a while to find one."

But by the time evening came, Sophie's big grin announced that fact that she had something to tell us. At the dinner table she said, "Guess what? I've chosen my saint."
"Who is it?" we all asked.
"St John Vianney," she replied. "He's the patron saint of priests you know."

The next thing of course was to choose a sponsor. I thought this would definitely take her some time to think about. After all, I hadn't decided on my sponsor or my saint until halfway through my preparation. Imagine my surprise when, on coming back from a maths session with my tutor, Sophie rushed up to me, bursting to ask me something.
Duncan and Felicity on their confirmation day

"Will you be my confirmation responsor," she asked me, looking a little anxious in case I should say 'no'.
"Sponsor," I corrected her gently. "Not responsor."
"Oh I always get it wrong," she said airily. "Will you?"

Well, I was surprised and touched. It's been a secret dream of mine for years to be chosen as a sponsor or a god-parent. But I've always been afraid that I wouldn't be good enough. However, I was delighted to be asked and told Sophie so. She smiled from ear to ear before running off to tell Mum I'd accepted.
Me on my confirmation day

Thinking about Sophie's upcoming confirmation reminded me of my own confirmation, six years ago. I remember it quite well, from the jammy dodgers we had while preparing for it, to the time when I asked Felicity, my older sister, to be my sponsor. I especially remember the red velvety dress Mum made me. It was so soft, but very thick. Mum had sewn lots of tiny red beads on the bottom, which looked very pretty, but scratched my legs if I wasn't careful.

I remember Charlotte's confirmation too. We had so much trouble finding a pretty dress that would fit. She was so tiny that few suitable dresses would fit.
Charlotte on her confirmation day

I can just imagine Sophie at her confirmation. She'll look right up into the Bishop's eyes, not afraid of him as I was. Then, after he's confirmed her, she'll give him her biggest, widest, happiest grin of all.

I couldn't find a picture of Callum on his confirmation day


  1. Well, great. I got confirmed only (over here we get confirmed in high school) last month, and the preparation was way more frustrating and awkward than the way yours appears to be. I chose Francis De Sales pretty quickly, but I didn't ask anyone to sponsor me for months (couldn't be family)

  2. Congratulations, Immy - I can't think of anyone who would make a better sponsor or godparent!

    And congratulations to Sophie, too. Our prayers will be with her for this exciting day:)

    When is the big day exactly? I will pop something in the post, when I know.

  3. JT, normally we join in with the school for preparation, but this time we're doing it ourselves. St Francis de Sales is a most appropriate saint for you as a writer. Good choice!

    Aunty Vicky, I know someone who makes a much better god parent than I would...You.

    Sophie's big day is the 16th of July. I think I'm more nervous about it than she is!

  4. Hi Imogen.
    Thank you for the comment.
    From Melanie xo xo

  5. St John Vianney was always one of my favourite saints.

    Sophie has good choice, both in saint and sponsor! You must both be so excited:)

    Carrie xx

  6. That's ok Melanie.

    Carrie, Sophie's definitely excited. I'm flitting between excited, nervous, and downright scared!

  7. Congrats Sophie!!!! And Imogen, you'll be a fabulous sponser.

  8. Hi Imogen.
    in the other comment I forgot to say
    that I chaned my bakeground yestday.

    From Melanie xo xo

  9. Thank you Autumn. I'll pass on your congratulations to Sophie.

    Melanie, your new background looks very pretty.

  10. Thanks Imogen.
    From Melanie xo xo

  11. Congrats to Sophie!!! Tell her I'm praying for her. :D You will be a great sponsor Imogen. ☺

  12. Love John Marie Vianney. Vianney is our baby's middle name:)