Monday, May 16, 2011

Blog Button

After seeing the amazing blog buttons everyone else in the blogosphere seem to have, I decided to make my own. So I got Mum to give me a crash course in blog button making.

Then I searched the web for a suitable picture of a dragonfly. An hour or so and many trips to various sites, I finally had a blog button designed.

Then I had to make the code. And that was where the trouble started. My code would not work. We fixed problem after problem, but still we couldn't get that wretched code to work. We changed links, checked forward slashes, and even spacing.

Finally, before dinner, we thought we had it sorted. So, after dinner, I went on to design a blog button for Charlotte. Then, disaster struck.
"Your button code doesn't work," Mum told me.

We spent the next half an hour frantically trying to fix it, and Charlotte's code. And finally, success. The buttons worked. So now there is a beautiful button for you to take. Please leave a comment and tell me if you take my button. Also, if there are any more problem, let me know.

1 comment:

  1. That's interesting.. Glad you managed to fix it. I have been wanting something similar for my blogs. Any idea how i can do it? No big deal if not.