Monday, May 23, 2011

Blogs, Damper, and Authors

My Mum is a busy blogger. she writes for at least five different blogs. That's a lot of posts. Sometimes she doesn't always have time to write on them all. This happened this weekend.

Mum was a bit worried.She hadn't had time write anything for the Bush Boys blog for over a week. So I asked her, "Is there anything I can do to help you?"
"You could write a blog post for the Bush Boys blog," she said. "How about you write about damper?"
So I sat in the hot seat at the computer. What should I write? How should I write it? For a moment my mind went blank. Then all of a sudden an idea popped into my head. Then another. All of a sudden I was writing away, sharing my stories and my experiences. A while later I emerged from my blogging world to find a fully written blog post sitting on the screen.

I fetched Mum to read it.
"Is this what you wanted?" I asked her, worried that it wasn't right.
"It's fine," Mum said. "Let's find a picture for it."

Ten or fifteen minutes later my post was online, ready to meet the world. And me? I'm now an author on the Bush Boys blog. Please visit it by clicking on the picture further up. Comments and new followers are always welcome. I hope you enjoy the blog and my blog post.


  1. Thank you for your help. Immy. You did a fine job!

  2. Hey I love your blog! I have one too! Come check it out!
    -Angel :)

  3. Congratulations!

  4. I find that, too, Immy! You sit down to write without a thought in your mind and, then, suddenly the words all come tumbling out and you can't type quick enough!:D You've done a great article:) xx

  5. You're welcome Mum. I'm happy to write for you any time you like.

    Thanks Romi. Did you enjoy reading my post?

    Normally it takes me quite a while to get going, but once I've started writing, it really starts going well. I just have to write some rubbish before I write anything good. Thanks for your comment Aunty Vicky.