Monday, August 22, 2011

The Brother Who Gives

My two brothers are completely different. Callum is friendly and outgoing. He is at home everywhere and talks to everyone. Duncan on the other hand is quiet. He's the one who plays with the younger children and looks after babies. He's the saver, who goes shopping and never buys anything.

But Duncan has his friendly side too. Just ask him about a movie, or a myth and he could talk for hours. He has a sense of humour too, and smiles away to himself at a private joke.

When Duncan finished his degree, he was at a loss as to what to do. Get a job? Probably a good idea. Spend more time with the family? Might be nice. Spend less time in his room on his own? Definitely. And so the new Duncan was born.

He reintroduced me to the world of Dr Who. Every evening we'd sit down and watch another episode while he told me funny little anecdotes about it. He went out and got a job. Suddenly there was a new Duncan, still quiet, but more daring, ready to try new things.

Last night he came home from work and walking into our room. He held his hands behind his back, hiding something. Then suddenly, a big grin covered his face as he revealed a movie and a bag of chocolates just for Charlotte and me.

Just a few nights ago, he did the same for the younger girls, a borrowed movie and a bag of marshmallows. Suddenly Duncan is showering us with gifts straight from his kind heart. He seems to get as much pleasure out of giving us these gifts as we get from receiving them. What better brother could you ask for?


  1. This is just so sweet, it warms my heart! Pass on an auntie hug to Duncan from me, Immy!:)

  2. What a thoughtful brother. He must aadore spending time with all his sisters.

  3. Aunty Vicky, I'll pass on the hug.

    Autumn, he is very thoughtful and hardworking. I think he really likes doing things with us, especially the younger girls. He'd do almost anything for them.

    Thank you both for taking the time to stop and comment. You've really made my day.

  4. Ah, that's awesome. I always wanted a brother -- though I might say different if I actually had one. (;

  5. Jenna, brothers are awesome most of the time. I'm so lucky to have two such nice ones.

    Thanks for commenting!