Friday, August 19, 2011

Riley; Free Giveaway?

It seems to me that if you want lot of people to come and visit your blog, you have to host a free giveaway. Something about the words 'free' and 'giveaway' seem to magnetise people towards your blog. If I was to host a giveaway, what would I offer? How about an unwanted cat called Riley? Would anyone have wanted her?

She sounded so good at first. A pedigree brown Burmese, friendly, loving and a real family cat. She was free to a good home, and we were a good home weren't we? We jumped at the offer, and took her on a trial basis. But we were sure she was going to be fine.

But from the very first moment, she was trouble. She cowered behind the sofa, hissing and spitting at any cat who came near. Our day was punctuated with unearthly yowls issuing from the furniture.
"Oh," we'd say. "It's only Riley."

Sammy was confused by Riley. He'd sneak up on her, wanting to play. But as soon as she saw him she'd hiss and run away, or try to scratch him. He'd look around, confusion written all over his face. What was wrong? Why didn't she want to play?

Riley, it seemed, didn't want to do anything. She only wanted to cuddle when it meant protection against the other cats. And if she wasn't behind the sofa, she was curled up in someone's bed, fast asleep. However, that didn't last for long.

Charlotte came flying out of our room. "Mum!" she cried. "Riley's been to the kitty litter on my bed."

We washed the sheets, blankets and pillows, and for several days, everything was calm. Then: "Mum, she's done it again." And again. And again. Seven times she messed up on Charlotte's bed, until Charlotte could hardly stand the sight of her. Everyone, it seemed, was getting tired of her. Her only supporter was Gemma-Rose.

Gemma-Rose had always wanted a cat that would like to be carried around, sit on her lap, and sleep in her bed. Riley didn't mind any of these thing. She seemed the perfect pet for Gemma-Rose. Every night, as she was heading off to bed for the night, Gemma-Rose would collect the cat. We wouldn't hear another peep from either of them until the next morning. But then Riley made a fatal mistake.

Early one Sunday morning, I was getting breakfast in the kitchen before anyone else was up. Little feet pattered on the floor. I turned, and saw a very grumpy looking Gemma-Rose standing next to me.
"What's wrong?" I asked her.

"Riley went to the kitty litter in my bed," she said. "While I was in it."
It was the last straw. Riley just couldn't stay any longer. We'd given her every chance, put up with her for months. What were we going to do with her? Could we giver her away for free?

Dad organised everything. "Come on Imogen," he called. "Grab her toys. We're taking Riley back to her home."

Not even Gemma-Rose was sad to see the back of Riley. She'd caused way too much trouble.

Her large eyes looked round nervously as Dad carried her in his arms up the street. Where was she? Why wasn't she inside? Where was she going? Why was she in the arms of this woman? Hang on, she remembered this place. It was her old home.

Not long afterwards, we heard that Riley was looking for a new home. She was already back to her messy tricks. We all hoped that one day, she'd find the perfect home, one with no other cats.

For those of you who came here looking for a real free giveaway, the only thing I can offer you is prayers. If you'd like me to pray for you or your intentions, please leave a comment below.


  1. I love animals but there's nothing so frustrating as a nuisance pet, is there? I'm glad she was able to go back to her old home - maybe, they can train her to be more house-friendly!:)

  2. I hope so. She was a nice looking animal, but our house just wasn't what she needed. Thanks for stopping to comment.

  3. Eek. Riley sounds like quite a cat. You guys were really patient with her, all things considered! Glad you were able to give her back.

  4. I think the only reason we kept her so long was because Gemma-Rose loved her. But there is a limit. I'm so glad we weren't stuck with her forever. Thanks for stopping by!