Tuesday, August 2, 2011

When Sisters Come Begging

"Imogen, can you help me write a blog post?...Take me to the park?...Play with me?" my two smallest sisters beg. In my mind I am groaning.
"But I'm busy right now," I say. The words are out before I even think about it. Their hopeful faces fall and they shuffle off, leaving me to drown in a puddle of guilt.

It's sometimes hard to be an older sister. So many things crowd in on free time. Preparation for an upcoming exam, cooking the dinner, trying to complete some school work in my free moments. Often I feel overwhelmed.Certainly I don't feel like taking some of my precious free time to help Sophie and Gemma-Rose.

I try to make an effort sometimes. I mostly get round to helping them with their blog posts, finding just the right words and pictures to say what they want to say. Sometimes I even find time to take them down the road to the park where we can play soccer.

But there are so many opportunities that I miss. So many times I could have helped and I didn't on the plea that I was 'busy'. I promise myself that I will be better 'after the exam' or 'on the weekend'. But it never happens.

Is it just me being lazy? Do I actually have a reason for being busy? Well, sometimes. But I guess I could definitely try harder. After all, when I was small, I wanted help too, though that fact is conveniently blotted from my memory.

And, after all, is it too much to ask to take half an hour to help? Going to the park is so much fun. I love kicking the soccer ball around with my sisters. It's fun to write down blog posts too, though checking spelling, grammar and punctuation isn't so good. No, there nothing for it but to admit it. I'm too lazy to bother.

Next time, when Sophie and Gemma-Rose come to me for help however, I'm not going to be lazy. I'm going to smile at them and say, "Of course I can help." I know I'll be amply rewarded by their happy faces and whole hearted joy. And what could be better than that?


  1. Great post. I have trouble with this, too -- I have one younger sister. But this really reminded me that it doesn't take much to help, so thanks for that.

    And I used to have a Jessie doll! I carried it around everywhere. Haha sorry, I couldn't help but comment on that.

  2. I have such good intentions, but the needs of three younger sisters seem overwhelming at times. I guess we all need a reminder sometimes that we can actually do things for them.

    You must have been looking closely to see the Jesse doll. Thanks for stopping by.