Monday, March 12, 2012

Bush Track Running Under A Full Moon

There's a full moon hanging in the sky as we head down to the field for our morning run. The sun refuses to rise, hiding behind the trees and leaving us in half-dark.

Under the trees it's too dark to run. On a bush track covered in loose rocks, slimy, clingy mud and fallen branches, to run would be an accident in the making. No, we must walk, at least until we can see.

We string out in a long, straggly line, testing the track as we go. Have the puddles shrunk any? Which patches are muddy and slippery? Where do we have to detour?

By the time we reach the end of the first lap, the lazy sun is peeping at us. We can see the rocks at our feet. We can dodge the clawing branches.We can run.

Down the track we flash, leaping over branches, avoiding loose rocks, skirting puddles. We weave in and out of the trees, catching a flash of colour here and there as we see each other through the trees.

Someone falls. A moment later they're up and running again. Who cares about a few scrapes?

The sun has cleared the trees by the time we're ready to go home. Sweat soaked, sore footed, gasping for breath, but happy. Very happy. There's nothing quite like bush track running under a full moon.


  1. The early morning is such a beautiful time of day, isn't it? What will you do when it's dark, in the winter? Will you take a torch or get up a little later? Or will you do indoor exercises, instead?

    1. I love the early morning. Sometimes, when it isn't completely overcast, we get a beautiful sunrise. And sometimes there's a ground mist over the soccer field, or we might see a wallaby.

      I don't know what we'll do in the winter. we've already started going out a little later. I suggested using headlamps, like miners.

      I suppose, if the worst comes to the worst, there is always Zumba, but I'd hate to have to give up running completely over the winter.

  2. This made me want to be there! The full moon is magical. How can one resist running beneath it?

    Great job, Imogen.

    1. There is something amazing about going out to run and having the moon still shining overhead. Somehow it makes our morning runs extra special.