Friday, March 23, 2012

Paper Roses

Since my last post on doodling, I've been drawing various doodles on the theme of roses. There's something about those flowers that make for the perfect doodling. Maybe it's the spiralling petals, or million and one places to put glitter gel pen. At any rate, I've doodled a lovely collection of these roses.

The doodle at the post of the post is the first rose doodle I drew, which started me off on the whole rose doodle idea. I couldn't think of enough places to put the glittery gel pen.

I moved on from the traditional pink roses, and tried a yellow and orange rose, which is my favourite kind. As usual glitter pen provided the orange, and that extra little sparkle

In this doodle I attempted something different from the circular doodle pattern, and ended up with roses sprawling everywhere. Lots of glitter pen, pinks and green later, and this was what I came up with.

This doodle is the last rose doodle I've drawn so far. Surprisingly, I didn't use gel pens on it, but left it very plain and simple. It's not in the traditional rose shape neither, but has the big petals and few layers that you sometimes see on some white roses.

So, these are my latest doodles. Now, what to draw next?

Which rose doodle is your favourite? What colour roses do you like?


  1. I love all of them, Immy, but I think my favourite is the top one (love the 3D effect), very closely followed by the third one (love the twiney details).

    Can't wait to see what you draw next, Immy - and, I also can't believe that you thought you couldn't draw! xx

    1. I think my personal favourite is the second one, closely followed by the third. It's surprisingly easy to draw them once you get started.

      Shh, don't tell me it's drawing. I've been convincing myself it's not so I don't get scared and think I can't do it.