Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Doodling in Circles

In the odd fragments of time during the day, whether I'm listen to someone read, watching a well known movie, or just have five minutes to spare, I doodle. My pencil flies over the paper, turning my sketchy lines into pictures.
Recently, I've been trying a new style of doodling. Circular doodles. The designs are made up of identical circles that overlap over each other, forming the picture.
Still a work in progress

I love the way the circles look when they're coloured, how they stand out against the white paper. I love how, once you've worked out a design, you can just repeat it over and over again.
You don't have to stick to plain circles either. One of my doodles is made of repeating suns. Another, which I'm still working on, is made of roses. But it's all the same style of doodles.
Have you been doodling? Which doodle do you like best?


  1. Beautiful! You are talented.
    All I can do with a glitter pen is get ink on me.

    1. I get ink on me too. But as it's glittery I don't mind.

      Honestly, I don't think I'm that talented in art. These are so easy to draw anyone could do it.