Tuesday, April 24, 2012

How To Become Intelligent (Or Not)

Charlotte with her new glasses

Charlotte was short sighted. She couldn't read projector screens. She couldn't read subtitles. She couldn't even read computer screens properly. Clearly it was time for a trip to the optometrist.

One trip later, and Charlotte's glasses were ordered. Now perfect sight was just a few days away. If she could last that long...

"Our rice pudding has a stick in it," Gemma-Rose declared one night, talking about a stick of cinnamon.

"Oh, I want a stick of celery in my pudding," Charlotte cried enthusiastically.

Everyone stared at her. Celery? Since when had we ever put celery in our rice puddings?

"Let's hope your glasses make you more intelligent," I said. "At least you'll look more intelligent with them on."
Charlotte without her new glasses

And so on for the rest of the week. Her favourite excuse became, "Oh, I'm blind as a bat you know. I couldn't possibly see that."

Today, another trip to the optometrist resulted in a brand new Charlotte. New, snazzy glasses adorned her nose with, "special glass to cut down on glare." A brand new, red glasses case came with the glasses, "because red ones go faster."

Has her glasses made her more intelligent? Well, I'm sorry to say she's still going round making random comments about celery. I suppose she'll just have to be the nutty professor instead of the intelligent individual. I can live with that.

This post was written with much encouragement and full permission by Charlotte herself.


  1. I'm afraid there's little hope for Charlotte - random brain cells seem to run in the family:-/ There's several of us here with exactly the same traits:-P Save yourself while you can, Immy - it could well be contagious!!!

    1. I'm afraid it's too late for me. I already have random brain cells. Maybe Charlotte caught them from me. But she has them down to a fine art. I just can't compete!

  2. The world needs more nutty professors. We are in dire lack of them. Maybe she will invent something someday, like the cure for the common cold. 8-D

    As for your last post, I agree, bows are fun and graceful. I love shooting mine and lots of my characters know how to use them. But were I to pick I'd always go with a sword. A long, thin one that would be used with fencing stances, not for hacking through armor - like the board sword.

    1. A cure for the common cold is just what I need. I get every cold going. Yes, I think I'll push her in that direction. She'll make a good nutty professor.

      Long thin swords are so graceful. If I had a sword it would definitely be one of those. Not to mention I probably couldn't lift a broad sword.

  3. Glasses are cool. I think people who make fun of people who wear glasses are jealous. Heck, I'm wearing special computer glasses right now. :)

    1. People who make fun of those who wear glasses are definitely jealous. I'm a glasses wearer too, though I normally wear contact lenses for practical reasons.