Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Magic and Minstrels

I've never written a script in my life. Yes, I've read massive amounts of Shakespeare and a fair few Gilbert and Sullivan operettas, but I had never actually thought about writing one. Certainly not writing one in a month.

But it's April, and the start of Script Frenzy, the month of script writing, and of course we're involved. How could a family of writers pass this opportunity up?

As I mentioned in an earlier post, Charlotte and I are team writing a musical. Not that we know what we're doing, or know where we're going. But ten pages in, we've got characters and a problem, plus lots of songs. Who knew song writing was so easy?

With four minstrels constantly arguing which love story is the greatest, a prince with a hot air balloon and a taste for adventure, a captive star princess, an evil magician and a sphinx, this musical looks set to go. Welcome to Magic and Minstrels.

It's all fingers flying as we pound our way towards the distant goal of 100 pages.

Anyone else writing a script this month?


  1. Not me, too many copyedit/sequel stuff. But your script sounds pretty awesome. :)

    1. I can imagine you're busy. Still, there's always another year. Good luck with the sequel.

  2. Are you going to sing and act in your musical, Immy? I hope you will - it would be lovely to see a DVD of the finished performance.

    God bless:)

    1. I'm not sure a performance of the whole musical is possible as it has too large a cast for us. But, if we actually manage to write the music, I might post up some of our songs eventually.