Thursday, March 24, 2011

Blogging Fever

Well, since I set up Charlotte's blog 'Charlotte's Web', there has been a rash of blogger want-to-be's. My two younger sisters, Sophie and Gemma-Rose begged to be allowed blogs of their own. So, after much begging, Mum finally gave in and said they could have them. I'm getting rather good at setting up new blogs now.

Sophie's blog is called 'Sophie's Sea Bed.' She writes basically as she speaks and is as enthusiastic about blogging as she is about the rest of life. You can just imagine her everlasting smile as you read her posts.

Gemma-Rose is only seven, but she longs to be one of 'the big girls'. Her blog is called 'Windy Island', a name I think she came up with on her own. Don't get fooled by the fact that the name at the bottom of the posts is Imogen, the words are all her own.

Both girls would be estactic if they had commentors or even better, new followers. Please go and at least look at their blogs.

Now maybe next time I blog I'll write about something original, rather than just telling you what new blogs I've made. Though you might decide that the smaller girls write better posts than I do!

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  1. I followed them and left them a comment.
    I am now popping over to Charlotte's blog.