Saturday, March 26, 2011

Mary's Yes

Yesterday we celebrated the solemnity of the Annunciation, when Mary said yes to being the mother of Jesus. This is such an important feast day in the church that is overrides even Lent. Which means that you can eat meat on the feast of the Annunciation even when it's on a Friday, as it was this year.

Because this is such an important day for us as Catholics, we had to celebrate it properly. So, Charlotte, Sophie, Gemma-Rose and I all made mobiles that reflected Mary's great obedience to God. They were made out of white hearts, each with a YES written in the middle and decorated round the edges.

Charlotte and I did the writing while the younger two decorated them with coloured pens and glitter. They had a lovely time designing each and every heart to be absolutely beautiful. They made mobiles with one big heart with a big YES in the centre. Underneath this big heart were hung two smaller hearts, also saying YES. And right at the end we strung some beads.

Charlotte and I made our own mobiles out of strings of smaller hearts, where every little heart was decorated in a different way. The writing of the words was different and each one had different pictures round the edges. I did the writing on our small hearts and Charlotte, who is the more artistic of us two, decorated them.

Sophie and Gemma-Rose also made a cake for us to share at dinner. It was a vanilla cake, the closest we could get to a white cake, and they iced it with white icing.

How did you celebrate your Annunciation?

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