Monday, March 21, 2011

Lights Out!

Our house starts to wake up at around six thirty. Someone gets up and feeds the cats. Dad get ready for work. I stumble out of bed and start to make some toast with my eyes closed. We all tip toe around trying not to make too much noise, and fail miserably.

This morning was different. Charlotte fed the cats as usual,but when I climbed out of bed and made my way down the hall to the kitchen, low and behold, there were no lights on. I flicked a light switch. Nothing. No power whatsoever.

Dad appeared out of his room, dressed, showered, and carrying a candle. He placed it on the side as we found the breakfast things in the semi dark. Breakfast was eaten by candlelight, the most romantic sort of breakfast I have ever eaten.

"There's no hot water except for what's in the system," Dad tolds us before he walks out the door. No shower then. I threw on some clothes and started on the house cleaning.

Slowly but surely people started to appear out of darkened rooms, only to be greeted by cried of "There's no power!"

Eight o'clock arrived, and with it, finally, some electricity. We rushed for the showers. Finally the day could start properly.

Next we put a soup in the slow cooker.
"That will be a nice dinner," I said. I love tomato soup, and Dad's recipe is the best I have ever tasted.

Four o'clock arrived. Charlotte and I sat in our room with the light on and our computers going. Suddenly the light flickered and went out. The computers stopped humming. Another blackout. And our dinner was in the pot!

I've never tried pulverizing soup with a potato masher before, but let me tell you, it doesn't really work. The only thing it did was squash the tomato. Still, the soup was still hot, and candles lit our table once more.

I'm quite glad that we've finally got power now. Here's hoping that is stays on!

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  1. Sounds really annoying!!
    We had a blackout yesterday and we were all like AHHH!! No power!!!
    Glad you got it back now though.