Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Dancing with Dragonflies

Imogen and I decided a few days ago that we wanted to have an online journal. That setting it up was the easy part. But the name. We wanted a really special name. So what would we call it? After much brainstorming and thinking and coming up with not very much we finally had a result. 'Dancing with Dragonflies' was a name that appealed to both of us. Being pretty and interesting it intrigued us. So that is what our journal is called.

We want a place where we can record daily events in our lives. 'Dancing with Dragonflies' will be this place. We'll write about whatever interesting things that happen to us. Daily happenings, events in the family and so on are all things that we want to write about.

Anyway, welcome to 'Dancing with Dragonflies'. We hope you'll like it.

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