Thursday, September 8, 2011

The Art of Doodling

"Look at my new picture," Charlotte said, thrusting her drawing notebook into my hands. I duly admired the latest brilliant drawing, stifling a sigh. If only I could draw even half as well as her. But art wasn't one of my talents.

"Girls, come and have a look at this," Mum said a few days later. "Look at this blog."

We rushed into her room and looked at the computer screen. Beautiful pictures filled the screen, brightly coloured and elegant.

"Wow," we gasped. "They're gorgeous."

"And so easy to draw," Mum add. "They're just doodles. You draw them with a pen. I'd like to try drawing some."

"Me too," Sophie chimed in.

"And me," Gemma-Rose piped up.

I didn't say anything, but made up my mind to have a go as soon as possible. That very evening, I sat down with a drawing pad and a pen, ready to start. Putting pen to paper, I carefully started drawing. Soon I was engrossed in the picture. I hardly noticed time passing until suddenly my paper was filled and my first doodle was done.

I rushed to show it to Mum, who was quite impressed. I had to admit that I was quite pleased too. It wasn't too bad for a girl who couldn't draw.

The next day I added another doodle to my book, then another. Then I doodled a special doodle for Wattle Day. I couldn't stop drawing them. But wait! Wasn't I the girl who couldn't draw?

Well, I still don't think that I can draw. I can't draw a picture so lifelike that it seems about to step off the page, like my aunt does. I can't draw beautiful, less lifelike, characters like my sister. But I can doodle. Anyone can doodle. Can you?

P.S. Sorry, the pictures aren't very good quality.


  1. I might have said that doodling is easy but when I actually tried it, I realised it is deceptively difficult. At least for me! My doodles didn't turn out half as good as yours, Immy.

  2. I'm so glad you've discovered art utopia! And, the pictures are stunning -I love your style, Immy!:)

  3. Aunty Vicky, thanks! I'm afraid my photography skills don't do justice to my pictures (or maybe I'm just excusing bad drawing.)

    Mum, thank you for stopping to comment.

  4. Immy, I just wanted to add that you have a good eye for colour. There's a very harmonious feel to what you've designed. Sometimes, I look to colour combinations in nature to help decide what colours to put together - that seems to work quite well. But then, on the other hand, rules were meant to be broken and it's great to see the different effects you can produce by experimenting. Oh, the possibilities!! I do love art!

  5. I have to admit, I love playing with the colours. Sometimes I like to group colours I know will go together, but at other times I get brave and try outrageous combinations. It's always worked so far.

    Thank you for your lovely comment!

  6. Those are great! Even if you don't think you can draw, you can doodle and write, so I think you're pretty well off. (;

  7. I've just tagged you for the homeschool resources meme, Immy. I think it would be great to hear from the perspective of a homeschooled student! I hope you'll be able to join in:)

  8. Thanks Jenna! I'm always surprised at the way my projects turn out. I'm still experimenting with writing and doodling. But I love to do both. I love writing in particular. There's just something about putting a story down on paper. I'm so much in the habit of writing stories I find it hard to say anything, especially on this blog, that isn't a story.

    Aunty Vicky, thanks for tagging me. I've done the meme now.

  9. Wow...they are so pretty, Imogen, almost like our blog background flowers!


    PS: I'm a blogging friend of Vicky & Sue through the Catholic Unschooling group.

  10. They are beautiful
    I love Drawing :D, thought I mostly draw people, and land scapes
    And your flowers ARE divine

  11. Thanks for coming to visit Elisa. I have to admit that I didn't realise that the flowers I drew were similar to the ones on the background until you pointed it out. Oops! I have no excuse, it's my blog!

    Eden, I'd love to be able to draw people and landscapes. I'm afraid I'm not good at them at all. Flowers are my main subject so far, though I'm experimenting with other subjects right now.

    Maybe I should post another post later on with some more of my doodles.

  12. I know this is over two years since you originally posted, but I just found this blog post and I have to tell you, you speak my heart. I have tried so many times to draw like your sister. (I will NEVER get to where your aunt is). I just know that I'm a doodler. And it brings me peace. And I love these pictures you posted of your doodles. And I'm going to get back into it for this new year. Thank you!!

    1. Thank you for reading this post Peggy, and I'm so glad that it spoke to you. I know I will never rival my sister or my aunt in drawing skills. But isn't it nice to know that there is a kind of drawing that is our style? I haven't doodled for a while myself, so we shall have to start doodling again for the new year together!