Saturday, September 3, 2011

Charlotte's Pencils

"It's time for bed, Charlotte. What are you doing?" I say, walking into the bedroom one night.

"Oh, I was drawing. Do you like my new picture?" She holds out her book for me to see. I take it from her and examine the drawing.

"Wow, this looks really good. You should put it on your blog."

"Can you help me?"

"Of course I can."

Mum sees Charlotte's pictures on her blog. "These look good. Why don't you make a page specially for your pictures? Then everyone would be able to see them."

Charlotte is quite pleased with the idea. Together we scan her pictures, compress the files, and painstakingly upload them to a special new page on her blog. At the same time we give her blog a snazzy new background. Quite the makeover!

Charlotte is very pleased with all the changes to her blog. Now that her interest has been rekindled in blogging, she starts thinking about our other blog: Paper Dolls By The Serendipity Sisters.

"I think I'd like to design a new paper doll," she says, and sits down with her pencils and paper. I smile, and leave her to it. Soon she hands me her piece of paper. I take one look at the doll and grin.

"This is really nice."

"I've made her some clothes too. See." She hands me some more paper. My eyes take in the beautiful feathery dress, just right for a fairy doll. I see the perfectly shaped wings, the dress made of cloud. This is a lovely fairy doll.

"I'll scan it for you, and upload it to our blog."

Charlotte's face brightens. She sits beside me as I painstakingly scan the doll, colour it, upload it, link it, and write the blog post to go with it. Her work is now on the web for everyone to see.

"I think I'll do some drawing," she says. "And maybe I might draw another paper doll too." I can see that her head is buzzing with ideas.

You can see Charlotte's lovely drawings HERE, and her new paper doll HERE. What do you think of her work?


  1. Melanie will be so pleased with the new paper dolls. She's been visiting your blog, waiting for a new post! The pictures are beautiful:)

  2. That Paper doll look's beautiful.

  3. Thank you both for stopping to comment. We ran out of enthusiasm for the paper doll blog when we started up our new blogs. However, now that Charlotte feels like drawing again, we're hopefully back in business!