Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Sister Time

We're all in holiday mode. Gone are the formal school books, Mum's record book. No more piano or singing practices for two weeks. Instead we have unlimited time to work on personal projects, time to sleep in, books to read, time to spend on our own, and time to spend with each other.
For the most part, I like to spend my holidays reading and writing, with the occasional craft project on the side. But yesterday, after an entire morning working on my own, I suddenly realised that I really wanted to do something with my sisters. So I took them to the park.

We raced out the back door, calling goodbye to Mum as we went. My camera swung on my wrist. Maybe I'd get some good shots at the park. We laughed and chatted as we skipped down the road. Look, there was a kookaburra!
Out came the camera. Click. The kookaburra flew away in indignation and we skipped on.

Oh look, pretty flowers. I just had to stop and take more photos. Gemma-Rose tugged on my arm, trying to get me moving. We were so close.
"Can we play tip?" Sophie asked.

I thought for a moment. Tip wasn't really my game. What if I proved to be too slow, or too quick? How embarrassing that would be! Could I really sacrifice my dignity for a game of tip? The little girls looked pleadingly at me. I gave in.

"Ok, we'll play tip. I'm in first."
The girls took off, with me running along behind them. Giggles echoed around the play equipment as we tipped each other. Charlotte sat on the swing as 'bar'. She cheated shamelessly as she helped the runners keep away from 'it' but we didn't care. We were having too much fun.

Finally the game ended with a spectacular swandive from Gemma-Rose as she dive to safe at 'bar'. One look at her skinned knee and I decided we should go home.
"Oh." Gemma-Rose's face fell. "I don't want to go home. I want to keep playing."

"I'll take you here again another day," I promised. Her face lit up again, and we hurried homewards to bandaids and afternoon tea.

I love spending time with my sisters. It's so easy to make them happy. Holidays are a good time to spend doing things for myself, but at the same time it great to spend some 'sister time' with the other girls.

Do you like to spend time doing special things with your siblings during the holidays? What do you like to do in your holidays?


  1. Spending time with your siblings is important I think and it can also be very fun even if you didn't want to do it at first :)

  2. I'm so lucky to have such nice siblings to spend time with. And I'm so glad now that I took them to the park. We had so much fun and I got some really good photos. The girls got rather bored of photos though.