Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Waiting for a Wedding

I came out of my room this morning, intent on finding a diagram of skin for my biology notebook. As I stepped into the family I found my three sisters gathered round Mum and her lap top.

"What's going on here?" I asked them.

"We're looking at flower girl dresses for the wedding," Gemma-Rose told me excitedly. Our eldest sister is getting married in a month and a half.

I bent over the computer and saw the pretty dresses with their brightly coloured sashes. Someone soon informed me that these dresses had not one, or two, or even three, but six layers.

"I want a fuchsia coloured sash," Gemma-Rose said.

"I want a lavender one," Sophie chimed in.

"We'll have to do some measuring," Mum said. She handed me the tape measure and set me to measuring the two girls. Soon we found a problem.

"Sophie's too tall and Gemma-Rose is too small," Mum said. "And you're both too thin."

We debated over the sizing for ages until finally, we daringly bought two ivory coloured dresses with six layers.

"Thank you Mum," the girls cried in great excitement. I thought about the long, regency style blue bridesmaid dress hanging in my cupboard and grinned. It seemed such a long time to wait until the wedding.

Lunchtime came, and with it came more discussion about the wedding, the clothes and the guests.

"Will children be allowed at the wedding?" Sophie wanted to know. "I hope so."

"Do you remember how every time we measured me for my dress, I seemed to have shrunk," Charlotte laughed. "And then it turned out to be a little too long. I hope I've grown."

"I hope I haven't," I said. "My dress fitted me perfectly when I got it."

"How long is it until the wedding?" Gemma-Rose asked. "It seems like forever."

I can hardly wait for the end of October, when I'll go to my very first wedding ever. What will it be like to be a bridesmaid? I can hardly wait to find out! And once it's over, I'll have plenty of beautiful photos and memories. Plus a lovely, long blue dress!


  1. Half of the excitement is in the preparation, isn't it?! I expect it's getting busy at your house, now. We're looking forward to it and thinking about what we'll wear, too!:)

  2. So you are definitely coming then? We're fairly busy here, mainly working out what dresses we need, trying to find shoes, and attempting to find out the details Felicity forgets to tell us. Still, I guess that's all part of the fun in the end.