Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Carrie Helps the DARE Squad

My cousin Carrie and I both like writing and drawing. And we both enjoy discussing our latest projects over the email. We share chapters of our stories, pictures of our characters, and writing complaints.

When I told Carrie about my newest NaNoWriMo story The DARE Squad, she was delighted with it. I told her all about it, and even sent her a picture I'd drawn of the four main characters. Imagine my surprise and delight when she sent me back a picture she'd drawn of them.
The DARE Squad as drawn by Carrie

Then I asked her the same question I asked you readers in my post 'The DARE Squad'. I challenged her to come up with a meaning for the acronym DARE. She responded at once with some interesting, and occasionally funny answers.

They are:The Dangerous Accident Response Establishment
The Defense Against Radical Exploits
The Department of Accidentally Removed Elements
The Death Administration for Rapid Eradication
The Detective Academy for Rookie Education
The Department of Abnormally Rotund Elephants
Jo and Emma, two of the DARE Squad members

So far, none of these quite fit the bill, though they have got me thinking. Especially the elephant one!

I'd like to set you the same challenge. Can you find an acronym for the word 'DARE' that will suit a teen spy group? I'd love to see your ideas.


  1. Determined Actors for Reducing Emergencies?
    Double Agents Rebelling against Exercise?
    Dude(sse)s Against Riding Elephants

  2. Double Agents R Evil

    Daring Agents Revolutionizing Espionage

    Maybe not the first one lol


  3. Those pictures are SO FABULOUS! I bet you died when you saw them. I know I would if someone drew my characters. Especially that well!

    And I thought the acronyms rocked.

  4. JT, I LOVE those. Especially the elephant one. Hmm, I'll have to find a way to use all the awesome elephant acronyms I'm getting.

  5. Legolas, well, the first idea's true. I'm liking the second. That's the sort of thing I'm looking for. Thanks for giving your suggestions.

  6. Peggy Eddleman, I was so thrilled to see her pictures. They look so much better than my own. Perhaps it's a good thing I like writing better than drawing.

    Carrie's pretty good at thinking up solutions, and acronyms. She's my go to girl for problem solving. Though occasionally her ideas are a bit whacky.