Friday, November 25, 2011

Princess of the Palace

I always dreamed of a beautiful bedroom, all pink and pretty, a bedroom fit for a princess. I wanted a room of my very own, a room I could put pictures up in without worrying what the landlords thought of holes in the walls. But it seemed a hopeless case. After living my whole life in rented houses there didn't seem much possibility of getting a room like that.

That was before we bought our own house. Suddenly everything was possible. Though I didn't get a room to myself, I did get a nice room. All our furniture had been painted before the move in matching green and pink.

We furnished the room, and never thought about how it looked again. But slowly, surely we gathered new things in it. Pictures appeared on our walls. A pink butterfly wall hanging was acquired on our beach holiday. Computers and printers moved around the room.

Only a few days ago we moved everything round again. Printers, tables and ornaments switched places. After our hard work, Charlotte and I stood back and looked at our room. And we gasped. How beautiful our room was. Everything had a place it fitted in. Everything matched.

It was then I realised, I had my pink room, my room fit for a princess. I had my pictures, my beautiful furniture. I didn't have a room to myself, but it didn't matter. I couldn't imagine living without Charlotte in the same room.

We're princesses of our little palace. And a palace it's going to stay.


  1. Thats really a modern fairy tale Imogen! I loved reading it, and your room sounds gorgeous.


  2. I share a room too - it's not so bad as some people think.

  3. Autumn, I was hoping it wasn't going to be too boring a blog post. I love the idea that I'm living in a fairy tale. And my room is gorgeous.

  4. Magdalen, I've been sharing a room with Charlotte for so long I simply don't know how I'd manage without her. I always feel sorry for people who hate sharing rooms with their sisters. They don't know what they're missing out on.

  5. Okay, so this isn't JT, it is (again) his sister.
    I have to say, I laughed when I saw what you said about holes in the walls! My room is almost completely covered with horse posters. Just ask JT. A while ago, I counted them. I think that the total was fifty-seven. I used to want a princess bedroom too, but I like mine just the way it is, thank you!

  6. MAS, I don't think a princess bedroom and 57 horse posters would mix somehow. I bet you can hardly see the actual wall in your room.

    Living in a rented house with six monthly inspections by the real estate agent give you a whole different view on house care. We never banged nails into the wall, or had pets outside of cages. We always madly cleaned a few days before the inspection and hid the weirder animals (think ferret) in the garage and hoped they wouldn't look. It's so nice not to have to worry about that now.