Sunday, November 20, 2011

Happy Birthday Twin!

Today I have a guest blogger, writing especially for my birthday. My Mum! I hope you enjoy her wonderfully written blog post.

We have two sorts of children in our family. Those that look like my husband, Andy and those who look like me. We have ‘your’ children and ‘my’ children.

When Imogen was born 17 years ago, we suspected she was one of ‘my’ children. And as she grew, she became more and more like me. Our suspicions were confirmed.

People think we look alike. Can you believe people even muddle us up?

We go to a party and a friend bumps into me. “Oh Sue, I thought you were down the other end of the room…. That must have been Imogen.”

We visit the supermarket and we’re at the check-out. The operator looks from me to Imogen and back again. “Are you two related? You look so alike.”

I post some photos of Imogen on Facebook and someone writes: “Sue, she has GOT to be yours… she looks just like you! :)”

We’re walking down the street and someone shouts, “You’re twins!”

Yes, we are twins.

I can’t imagine why anyone would say Imogen looks like me, her ageing mother. But I am not objecting. I think Imogen is beautiful. I don’t mind being compared to her at all.

I ask Imogen, “How do feel when people say you look like me? How do you like being compared with your 50 year old mother?”

Imogen is very gracious. “I love it, Mum! I think you’re beautiful.”

It is Imogen’s birthday on Sunday. My daughter is turning 17. But I am wondering: does Imogen look 50 like her twin mother? Or… does her mother look 17?

Imogen and I have great fun pondering such silly questions…. We always have fun, my twin and me. We are kindred spirits.

What would I do without my kindred spirit twin? We write stories, we talk about anything and everything, we drink coffee, we eat enormous gooey cakes, we read great books, we blog, we sew, we exercise, we shop, we work, we learn, we cook, we laugh, we laugh a lot… All these things we do together. I love my kindred spirit twin. I love her very much.

Happy Birthday ‘my’ Imogen!

Do you think we look alike? Can you tell we are mother and daughter?


  1. Haha!! I recognize my photo comment!! :)

    Imogen, you are such a blessed young lady. :) Your mother is a lovely person, inside and out. :) You do NOT look 'older', and Sue is no teen. LOL but Sweet girl you do look so much like your mom. :) A younger version of her. A fresh faced flower. Having your own mother as your "kindred spirit twin" is such a beautiful gift. God bless you and happy birthday from Florida. :)

  2. Susan Barber, thank you so much for your lovely birthday comment. I was so touched when I read it. Mum enjoyed reading it too.

    I think it is so funny how people get Mum and me mixed up all the time. I get called 'Mum' or 'Sue' almost as often as my own name. But I don't mind, because I'm only getting mistaken for Mum.

    Thank you so much for your beautiful comment, and also for following me. I got such a surprise to see a new follower.

  3. Happy Birthday, Imogen! I think you and your twin are both lovely!

  4. Hi Imogen

    Happy birthday :D

    You do share a strong resemblance.

    I would probably guess, mother and daughter, or at least, that your both related.

    I get confused for my dad lots, in appearance and voice. We are almost the same height :)

    It's getting even more confusing for everyone now that my younger brother is looking more like me (or so I'm told :P )


  5. Thats very beautiful Mrs. Elvis. I think you both look very much alike. And how cool that you both like the same kinda stuff?! I can tell you are mother and daughter. But, how cool if people think you are sisters!!! Happy birthday Imogen!!!

  6. Thanks Stephanie. I'm sure my twin would say the same. And thank you for stopping by my blog. I love hearing from new people.

  7. Legolas, it gets very confusing here as my younger sister is also starting to look like Mum and me. Who know, one day we might be triplets.

  8. Thank you Autumn for reading my post. This is fun being a guest blogger!

    Yes, Imogen and I love a lot of the same things. It is good to have a daughter to share with. I wonder if you and your mum are kindred spirits too.

    And it is wonderful seeing old friends here on Imogen's blog. Hi Stephanie!

  9. Happy Birthday Imogen! You do look very much like your mother! You are both beautiful ladies!! May God bless you with abundant graces on your birthday!!

  10. Thank you Magdalen. I've had so many nice comments and messages for my birthday. It's made it very, very special.

  11. Thank you Noreen. I think God has already given me abundant graces in giving me a mother like mine.

  12. Oh, Happy Birthday, Imogen! You must be so happy to have had your mum write that lovely post. :)

    Of course you don't look like you're 50, but then, your mom doesn't, either! :) I can definitely see the family resemblance between you, though.

    It's funny, people mistake me for my mom too! Even my dad has called me "Nicole" sometimes....

  13. Victoria, I asked Mum to write a post specially for my birthday, and was so pleased with the result. I'm going to have to ask her to write more guest post for me.

    Mum looks very young doesn't she? And it's all natural beauty, down to the hair colour! I'm not bothered at all by being mixed up with her so often.

    My dad's thought I was Mum too. But then I get called Mum, Felicity, Thingibob (when people can't remember my name in a hurry) and various other things. It doesn't bother me in the slightest.