Friday, November 4, 2011

NaNoWriMo (Didn't) Eat My Hobbies

The Dawnbringer Dragon. My way of relaxing after a NaNo stint.

When I first thought about NaNoWriMo, I wondered how I'd ever get anything else done in November. Writing 50' 000 words takes a lot of time. Would I still have time to read, and do craft? Would I be able to continue blogging? Most of what I heard told me I couldn't.

Then I started NaNo. After pounding away at my computer keyboard for hours. I suddenly realised I didn't want to write any more that day. I wanted to do something else. And so I left my writing, which was well over the required word count, and amused myself by reading. And blogging.

Over the past three or four days, I've come to realise that NaNo hasn't eaten all my other activities. I'm still reading and drawing, doing craft and blogging. I want to do these things because I need a break from writing. NaNo, while time consuming and busy, is teaching me to enjoy my hobbies and free time more, because I need it more.

NaNo hasn't eaten my life. Thanks to a flexible homeschooling schedule, I can write during school time. Thanks to that, I have a million, billion words written. And I still have time to do the things I love. Far from doing less in November, I feel I'm doing more.

Has NaNoWriMo eaten your life? Or do you, like me, find yourself doing more, just to rest from all that frenzied writing?


  1. immy,
    It hasn't eaten my life!!!!!(yet!)
    but then I have only writen 573 words!!!
    Good Luck!
    Brid xox

  2. also Immy,
    i meant 753 not 573!!!
    Brid xox

  3. Nice Blog!
    Unfortunatly I can't join it, as I have just heard of it and I'm really busy the month!!!!
    Break a Leg (not literly, stage expression!)

  4. Go Brid! I thought you'd done more than that. How's your story going? Not too stuck yet?

  5. Hi Bonny, thanks for stopping to say hello. I assume you're talking about NaNowriMo? Yes, it's a big commitment to make on the spur of the moment. I wasn't sure about doing it myself because my birthday is in November.

    Thank you for commenting. I love hearing from new people!

  6. Yay dragons!

    Nano has never eaten my life the way editing did. And now that the edits are almost done, I'm curious to see how I do all this writing.

    *looks at word document* *sighs*

    Maybe I can find something else to edit...

  7. I'm dreading the edits my writing will need after NaNo. I change my mind part way through, and know I'll need to do massive changes later. Honestly? I love writing for more than editing. Such a pity editing is necessary for a good story. Maybe I'd better finish writing before I think of editing.

    *Goes back to NaNo story and plug in earphones*

    Thanks for stopping to comment! I'm glad you like dragons too. Go dragons! Actually, my Mum thought it was a dionsaur. No way, Dragons are so much cooler!