Thursday, November 10, 2011

To Write a Novel

I've always struggled with writing. Not the actual putting words on paper, but having the dedication to finish something, accepting bad work, that kind of thing. Even when I set myself a deadline, I've usually ignored it. That's why I've only ever finished one first draft.
When I joined NaNoWriMo I wondered whether I was crazy. I couldn't write 50' 000 words in a month. Everyone said it's a ridiculous goal. Even with a whole day to write in, I doubted I could do it.

Then NaNoWriMo started. With no plan, hardly any characters, I put fingers to keys and started to write. And I never looked back.

Because we count writing as school work, NaNoWriMo is virtually all we do in a day. With five people in the house doing NaNoWriMo we eat, sleep, and talk writing. It's so easy to write when you know everyone else is doing the same thing.

After every writing session we've shared word counts, plot problems and helped each other out of sticky holes. We;ve been encouraging each other. It's almost like having a personal support team.

With all this help, it's no wonder I shot ahead with my writing goal. I planned to have my story finish about 50' 000 words. And today I'm proud to say I've done it. After 10 days, I have a finished first draft of almost 52' 000 words.

Now, if you're doing NaNoWriMo and are still struggling along, I hope I'm not making you feel bad. Certainly I'm not trying to. I'm cheering everyone on. I've only finished this fast because I've had all day to write, and awesome people to talk my story over with.

I wish you all a finished draft, or 50' 000 words, or the completion of whatever goal you've set yourself by the end of November. I'm cheering for you all!

Now, off to think about another novel...Plus school work!


  1. So you finished it in 10 days!?! Awesome!!!!!

  2. Whoa...! 10,000+ words a day?! I'd collaspse in shock if anything close ever happened to me. ccol!

  3. Thanks Autumn. I'm still trying to believe I've finished so fast. I never write that much! My goal is now to start another book. However Mum says I have to start doing some 'proper' school work so that will probably slow me down a bit.

  4. Actually JT, I wrote the wrong number of days in my post. I finished it in ten days, with is an average of just over 5' 000 words a day. Approximately 2 1/2-3 hours work. My largest word count was 7' 550ish.
    I'm not that fabulous.

  5. Go you! That's awesome!

    One of the things I love best about Nano is the write-ins. I can only imagine how cool it is have a group of you doing Nano together all the time!

  6. Miriam, NaNoWriMo is our life at the moment. Well, not my whole life now I've finished my book. But it's so fun having our own private group of NaNoers, considering I don't think we have any write-ins in our area.

  7. Ten days. That is pure epicness.

    Great job! :)

  8. I have to say I was very surprised with myself too. Last time I wrote a whole novel (the only time) it took me three months. My new goal is to finish another novel in November too. So far I think it might be possible.