Friday, January 6, 2012

Photogenic Sisters

There are hundreds of photos on our computers. Some photos are beautiful, almost professional looking. Others...not so much. But there is one thing I have noticed about all the photos. In every photo, my two youngest sisters look perfect. Me? Not so much.

Of course, I expected as much, but what I didn't expect was my sisters to look perfect when I was playing with the photos.

A few days ago I discovered a new online photo editing program called BeFunky. It has all kinds of effects for photos, including effects that make the photo look like it's been painted. Of course not every effect looks good on every photo.

Taking a photo of my sister Sophie, I tried a few of the effects on her picture. Much to my puzzlement, every thing I tried looked pretty much great. For fun I decided to see if I could possibly make her look less than perfect. But it was so hard!

By contrast, I don't dare take a photo of myself there. I've tried a couple of BeFunky effects on myself, but I never look as good as Sophie. I guess she just got all my photogenic genes!


  1. I'm not photogenic at all. We can totally be non-photogenic together, right?

    I admit playing with pictures is good fun. :)

  2. David, we sure can! I hate having my photo taken, because I almost never get a good one. But I love playing with pictures, which is where my other blog, my picture one, comes in.