Monday, January 9, 2012

The Elvis Running Gang

There's a ground mist rising from the damp grass of the soccer fields. Six pairs of running shoes pound the grass flat. Six sweat shirts lie abandoned in a heap, tangled among numerous drink bottles.

Who is out in the field at 6:20? It's the Elvis Running Gang, comprised of six determined, dedicated members.

Since my last post on running, our early morning running squad has increased by four members. Dad joined first, followed by Mum and the two little girls. Now the six of us pound round the track every morning, straining to beat our last records, to run one more lap.

Every morning I get up, feed the cats, and wake everyone up. Then we all head out to the field, our running gear on, drink bottles clutched in our hands. People coming down to the park would think we're crazy, the Elvis running gang.

Sometimes other people join us in our crazy, early morning endeavour. When there's two extra people and a dog, the field is quite busy. Positively a rush hour.

But we never worry about the rest of the early morning risers. They do their thing, we do ours. And we never miss a morning run. Even when one or two people take a break, the Elvis Running Gang is always out and about early.

Running with the Elvis Running Gang is the best way I've found yet of persevering with exercise. There's always amusement. Can I beat my own record? Can I catch and pass someone? How long can we run for? And there's always breakfast waiting at the end of running.

We're the Elvis Running Gang!


  1. Oh! So awesome! I love it! You guys rock.

  2. Magdalen, it is far more fun with lots of people than when I tried it on my own. I took a couple of day off this week, and now I'm going to have to work hard to keep up! Ah the wonders of competition.

  3. Peggy Eddleman,

    Thanks! I don't feel very awesome when I get up in the morning, but I never fail to feel awesome once I'm back. I think we all do.