Tuesday, January 17, 2012

A Spider's Story

This is the true story of a spider in a car.

I was only a simple spider . The most adventurous thing I’d ever done was scurry from one damp box to another. So it was quite a shock when my whole pile of boxes just upped and moved, taking me with them.

They jiggled around, nearly squishing me once or twice, but I’m strong. They couldn’t hurt me. I just held on tight and waited for things to quiet down. Which they did.

Box moving over, I decided to take a nap. All that jiggling and squishing takes it out of a spider. So I dozed off for a while.

A big, deep, and rumbling noise woke me. It shook me around. This was different. I uncurled and scuttled out from my hiding place to investigate. Wow! Where was I? This wasn’t home.

I stood on something hard and flat, different from my boxes. Two big things, humans I think, sat one on either side of me. A huge wall rose up in front of me, across a huge chasm. A big stick stuck up out of the ground, with a weird knob on top.

I scurried forwards to get a better look at these new things. Suddenly a high squealing sound hit my poor ears. One of the human things lurched away from me screaming, “Dad, a spider! It’s a spider!”

The other human thing lurched away too. I was highly annoyed. What did they have against us poor spiders? Maybe they’d like me better if they could see me properly, especially my stripy legs. I raced up the stick thing and sat onto of the knob.

“I can’t change gear!” the second human-thing cried.

“Pull over Dad,” Human-thing 1 squealed.

“I’m trying,” Human-thing 2 yelled.

I decided that this was no place for a spider, and hurried down the stick thing and down into the chasm. This only seemed to make things worse, for Human-thing 2 squirmed away from me even further, and its big clumpy things got quite close to squishing me. Things were getting quite dangerous.

Human-thing 1 suddenly shot away from me. Human-thing 2 did the same. Ah, that was better. I might just rest here for a minute and see what the human-things would do next.

“Give me something to squish it,” Human-thing 2 said. Ooh, that didn’t sound good.

“Here’s my shoe,” Human-thing 1 said.

What was happening now? Truly, these human-things were strange. What on earth was a shoe? And what would they do with…

Splat. Something big and hard whacked me in the middle of my back. I gasped for breath and curled up. Not nice. The hard thing dragged me along until I fell onto some dirt. I uncurled in a hurry and scurried away as fast as my legs could go. Human-things weren’t nice. Boxes were much better. Maybe if I was lucky I’d find some around here somewhere.

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