Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Little House and Young Readers

There's the sound of voices drifting along the hall. Sophie and Gemma-Rose are sitting in the living room, reading a book together. Sophie reads the words to Gemma-Rose. It's a familiar book to me, 'Little House in the Big Woods'. They're reading about Pa shooting some deer for winter meat.

I remember every word she reads. The Little House books have been my friends for many years. Our shelves are lined with books from the series, their brightly coloured spines calling to little hands to pull them off the shelves.

Mum used to read us the books when we were younger. Charlotte learnt to read using them. Sophie and Gemma-Rose spent hours sitting on the sofa listening to Laura and Mary's story. I read them from cover to cover many times.

Yes, the Little House books are old friends to all of us. We've all shivered through the long winters with Laura, cried when her little brother died, and smiled when Christmas came. These are family favourites, and are made to share over and over again.


  1. hey, we have that same boxed set!
    We got it practically brand new from some friends who didn't 'like that kind of book.'
    Isn't that a shame? It was nice for me because we didn't have some of the later books, and neither does our library. (Which must be suffering from such a severe shortage of Little House books.)
    Which book is your favorite?
    I like On the Banks of Plum Creek and These Happy Golden Years for Nellie Olsen. She is just utterly too-too!

  2. Hi! I love the name of your blog ;) I also read a few of these books when I was little. Ah, memories :)
    Anyway, I'm a new follower and look forward to reading your posts ;)

  3. MAS, our library suffers from a chronic lack of Little House books. I've only ever seen the first book in there, which was ok as I'd never even heard of Little House before Mum gave me the books.

    My favourite Little House book is 'The Long Winter'. I love reading about the ways they kept warm, and having to survive the winter gave it a sense of suspense and danger, which I enjoyed.

  4. Hi Jade, Thanks for stopping by, and for following. I love meeting new bloggers! I had a look at your blog, and will now be watching it for new posts.

    I haven't read Little House for a while, but I have many happy memories of reading them.