Wednesday, January 25, 2012

School Visit

Dad led me up the stairs and into the school where he works. I didn't know what to expect, never having been to school. My eyes darted from one side to another, looking at everything. Would I meet the teachers Dad told us about every night? What was his classroom like?

Down a long passage and up a few steps and we came to his classroom, a tiny cupboard of a room crammed full of desks and chairs.

"I've got to find some books," Dad said. "Let's go raid the library."

So off to the library we went. There we found huge shelves of books, all to do with teaching. We dived in, searching for the right books, most of which were missing. However we still managed to leave the library with our arms full of books.

"If the librarian notices half the library is missing, I bet she'll know to come to you," I laughed.

On returning to Dad's classroom, we found two of his fellow teachers had arrived. Dad introduced me to them. So these were some of the famous teachers.

One of the teachers, Mrs G, had something to show Dad.

"Look what I found in the shops." She pulled a pack of cups out of her bag. "Four cups for 99 cents...So I bought 56 of them. And they're green and red."

Soon we moved on from cups to classroom decorating. While I sharpened pencils, Dad put pictures and posters up round his little room. It didn't take long for most of the walls to disappear.

"Ok, now let's go do my other classroom, my maths room." The maths room being a shared classroom.

We hauled desks around the room, 'borrowed' chairs from other classrooms, and stuck up millions of pictures, times table sheets, and maths posters.

At the end of our work, we left the school, our arms full of books, leaving two classrooms almost fully set up behind us. I gave the school one last look as we stepped out through the doors. What an interesting and different place. Not a place I'd like to go to every day, but good for a visit. Maybe someday I'll go back and help Dad again. That would be fun.


  1. No, my Dad's a Primary School teacher. Normally they don't have two classrooms, but he works in a special unit for children who need extra help. The unit works a bit more like high school. Plus his own classroom is too small for his maths class. It only fits 8 people in it!

  2. I agree. I'd never been in one before, but I have to say, they're so interesting. The teacher's part is crammed full of teaching books (not in order of course) and the children's part is well stocked too. I just wish most school children liked reading more. They don't know what they're missing out on.