Sunday, October 30, 2011

Miss Elvis

I have always been fascinated by the formality of names in Jane Austen's books. After reading The Jane Austen Guide to Good Manners, Charlotte and I had some very good conversations about why Jane Bennett was called 'Miss Bennett' while her sisters were only 'Miss So-and-so'.

The natural conclusion of this, was our working out our own titles according to the rules of Regency England.
"I'm Miss Charlotte, and you're Miss Imogen," Charlotte said.

"Which makes Felicity 'Miss Elvis'," I decided. "Someday I'm going to be Miss Elvis."

"Yes, but Felicity has to get married first."

Yesterday, Felicity did get married in our little local church. All her friends were there. After weeks of frenzied preparation and miss-communications, the big day had finally come. Charlotte and I wore our beautiful Regency style bridesmaid dresses. The two smaller girl flitted around like puffy clouds. Camera clicked and flashed, capturing the day Felicity stopped being an Elvis.

So, after years of waiting, I am Miss Elvis now. It sounds so grand. I feel ready to bring out the long Regency dresses, tie up my hair, and travel back in time so I can enjoy being Miss Elvis to the full. One day I'll pass on the title of 'Miss Elvis', but for now I'll make the most of it.

"Hello, I'm Imogen Elvis, but you can call me Miss Elvis."


  1. I always wanted to be called "Miss". I think it would make it nicer for one's intimate friends if they were the only ones allowed to use one's first name. I'd love to be introduced as Miss ***.

    Congratulations on your sister's marriage and your advance to the title of Miss Elvis! :)

  2. Congratulations to your dear sister Felicity!
    And congratulations to you upon becoming Miss Elvis!!!

  3. I agree with Victoria - wouldn't it be nice to have some more of that in today's world?

    Congratulations to Felicity, and to you!

  4. It's a pleasure to make your acquaintance Miss Elvis.

    The mysterious Miss M.

  5. Victoria, it would certainly make the use of one's proper name very special. Plus I'm sure it would feel very special to be called 'Miss So-And-So' all the time. It would certainly make me feel that I had to act like a young lady.

  6. Thanks Autumn! I hope to write another post on the wedding with more photos. I'll have to borrow some of Mum's photos so that I can post some of me in my beautiful dress.

  7. Magdalen, I think that in a lot of cases, a bit more formality would be great. I hate hearing people calling adults by the first name as a matter of course. I do call some of my adult friends by their first names, but only when they allow me to. Let's go back to Regency England and formal names please!

  8. Jessica, 'The Mysterious Miss M'. I'm going to have to borrow that for some writing I'm afraid. It is just so, well, mysterious. After you an eldest daughter too?