Tuesday, October 25, 2011


We filed onto the field for the last soccer game of the season. Shaking hands with our opponents, we prepared to have fun. Our main thought was that we weren't last on the table. Not like last season. No, this season we'd done well.

The whistle blew.

At once the ball flew through the air. A moment later it landed in the net. Wow, our first goal of the night! Where on earth had that come from?
The ball hit the net again, then again. I lost count of the goals scored. Had the other team got more than I remembered? Were some of our goals disallowed? I wasn't sure. All I knew was that finally, after a whole season of average playing, we'd suddenly stopped being six individuals, and become one team, working together and outplaying the opposition at every move. It felt amazing.

The whistle blew. The game was over.

"What was the score?" we all asked the referee.

Our eyes nearly dropped out of our heads when we heard. Where had this game come from? What magic fairy had waved their wand and made us good players?

"Could all the players please make their way to the trophy table."

Trophy table? That sounded exciting. And it was. One by one, the members of each team were called to the table and presented with a trophy, runners up, then us, the B division comp winners!

My trophy now sits on my shelf, along side a couple of other trophies I've gathered. I'll never have enough trophies for a proper cabinet, but I don't care. Just being good enough to win even one trophy is more than enough for me.


  1. That's awesome -- congrats on the win!

  2. Cool! Personally, I collected a ridiculous number of prize trophies and never earned any of them... haha... (I play in a league where you get trophies just for signing up) Is six-person soccer (or should I say football) normal in Austrailia?

  3. JT, I play indoor soccer, much nicer than outdoor. There's about half as many people on the field, and the field is much smaller. It's a much faster paced game than normal soccer. Generally I spend the whole game sprinting up and down the field. It's a smaller, shorter, faster version of outdoor soccer basically. Without the rain. Well, unless the roof leaks.