Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Fear of Photos

I was looking through the photos on my computer other other day, trying to find one of me. Then I checked through the photos on Sophie's camera. Nowhere could I find a recent photo of me. I know the reason, I won't let people take pictures of me. I'd much rather be the person taking the photos. But why?

Gemma-Rose has no problem with be photographed. She worms her way into most photos, this little blond head popping up in the most unexpected spots. She loves to have her photo taken, and I have to admit, she looks really good in them too.

On the other hand, I know a girl who refuses to have any photos taken of her at all. Point a camera in her direction, and her hands fly up to cover her face. The only way to get a picture of her is to take her by surprise.

I'm not quite as extreme as that. I just don't particularly like having pictures taken of me. I dislike looking at myself. Somehow, even in the good pictures I find myself thinking "Oh, I look so bad. I really need to get that deleted. No one should see me looking like that."

However, photos are a record. Nowhere in my photos is there a record that Imogen Elvis existed in this period of time. Did Imogen go to the park with her sisters? Was she present at Duncan's birthday? Going by my photos, no.

If I wait to have a good photo taken, I'll never have a photo taken. I'll never have a record that I was in this place, that I did these things. And after all, I don't even have to look at the photos if I don't want to get embarrassed.

So, I am resolved to be less of the strange photo shy girl, and a little more like the photogenic, camera loving Gemma-Rose. Because one day I might like to have photos of me at sixteen to show to people later on.

Do you like having your photo taken? Or are you camera shy? Somewhere in the middle? Do you prefer to be behind the camera? I'd love to hear from you!


  1. In the same boat! All my siblings are afraid of the camera. Everyone hides. Disappointing, since I got my first personal digital camera for my last birthday... Personally, photos embarrass me to 'cause I simply don't look good... oh well... (eventually, my sister's bound to comment as 'anonymous'...) haha

  2. I don't mind having pictures taken. But I love photograghy, so I am usually behind the camera.
    Cute blog.
    Beth xoxo

  3. I try to avoid having my picture taken - it used to be because I didn't like my appearance in photos. While that's still usually true, it's more about standing there, grinning like an idiot, for thirty seconds while someone trains the camera just the way they want it. Unfortunately, all the grown-up females in my family are camera-happy.
    Lately I've been experimenting behind the camera, but haven't gone too far with it.

  4. That's such a pity JT. I've been using my camera all holiday and taken hundreds of photos of everyone. I even managed to get some photos of myself. Shock ! Horror!

  5. Hi Beth, it's nice to meet someone new on my blog! I love taking photos too, much better than being in them. There's something so satisfying about getting just the right shot.

  6. Magdalen, I hate how long it takes to set up a shot sometimes. I try to take quick photos. Generally smiles look so much more real in a quick shot, even though the pictures are not always the best quality.