Sunday, October 2, 2011

Playing On Picnik

Mum came hurrying out of her room. "Come and see what I've done!"

We followed her back into her room, where she proudly pointed to the computer screen. We looked and saw an amazing blog header made up of photos of us. "What do you think?" she asked us.

"Wow. That's so good. How did you do it?"

"I used Picnik." Mum clicked the mouse and opened the program. "I made a collage. See?"

I was amazed, and at once resolved to try making some collages myself. So, as soon as I left Mum's room, I grabbed my netbook and sat down to work it all out.

Half an hour later, after much downloading of photos, working out how to use things, and general dithering, I had the most amazing collage. It was specially for Charlotte and the theme was pink, of course.

I was hooked, and soon another picture, fully edited and played with, joined the collage in the 'saved' folder. Again it was of Charlotte, and I'd made full use of the softening feature and frames.
I just had time to play with one more collage before it was time to stop. By this time my three sisters were all leaning over my shoulders watching me put it together. A grid, four photos, a frame and several stickers later, and it was finished. A lovely collage of us four girls together.
Now that I've discovered the wonders of Picnik, I'm hooked. Ideas for new collages are buzzing in my head. I want to play more, try out more of the many, varied features. Of course, some of the features on Picnik are only available if you upgrade, but even at the basic level there are enough to make your photos fantastic.

Have you ever used Picnik to jazz up your photos? What do you think of my photos?


  1. Isn't Picnik awesome? :) I use it to edit all my pictures that end up on my blog... and just for fooling around, too. The only annoying thing about it is that there are lots of functions that you can't use if you don't pay...

    I like the "Charlotte the Pink Girl" collage. It's quite pretty.

    - Victoria (

  2. Victoria, last night I spent ages just playing around with the features. One of my sisters ended up with purple hair, red eyes, brilliantly white teeth and make up. And she's seven! I love Picnik.

    I think Charlotte the Pink Girl is my favourite picture too.

    Thanks for stopping to comment!